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Part 65: Back to Bootes.

: "Ops is mostly desk work. I never saw combat during the wars. It might sound pathetic for a military officer to say, but... I definitely felt fear back there. It wasn't like when the demons get one of us. It was something worse, something writhing under my skin..."

"We could all end up at each other's throats at this rate... "

"Our first assumption was PTSD, or possibly mass hysteria... But upon further research, we found a mental parasite, a completely different pathologic explanation. What on earth do these symptoms indicate?"

"But a mental parasite? Does that mean there's no way to resist it? I mean... is there any possibility that Zoe and Wolf will suddenly turn on me? I'm so scared... I wish I could just scream... Please... You have to figure out what's going on and come up with a viable treatment."

Well, enough with that. Let's visit Irving.

"If there's anything I can do, just give me a whistle. "

>Irving started working.

"The Gate Search feature's been beefed up. You'll be findin' even more hidden doors now. "

"But seein' it up close like this... I dunno who's behind these shenanigans, but I don't like it. If I ever find 'em, they better watch their backs."

"But the strike team will find a way out of this, right? Right, Francis?"

Let's see what's up with this.

Eh, not right now. Don't feel like it.

Yeah. No. Later maybe.

Also, a new mission that will not be taken yet. Not yet.

Yeah. No. Maybe in the near future. NEAR.

Should this be ddone soon?

Because it will not be done at the moment.

But soon, if you want.

Let's go back to bootes. Maybe there is something new to be seen there.

But first, things such as this. A PASSWORD

Daaamn. That IS a good skillset, and no weaknessess. Yes. Solid healing. That will come in handy.
But unfortunately, it is a bunch of levels higher than York right now, so that'll have to wait.

Oooh, I wonder who or what it could be?

Yeah. Of course. It had to be asshole angel. Yup.

"I myself witnessed your comrades lose their sanity in that land of blight... "

"It is my duty to help the troubled and guide the lost."

That seems to be what it is implied, seems to me.

"That is the news I have come here to deliver. I lament to see humans behaving like demons. Perhaps this is the fate of those who refuse to let the Holy Spirit guide them. Of course, it is futile to wish for that now. It is more important to discover the cause of this malady. "

"Regardless, we came to this sector to find something that may be related to the parasites. If we have that, we might be able to use our technology to cure them."

"But I cannot help but be concerned of the hazards of overconfidence. You believe yourself to be the master of your technology, but it may in fact be yours. Technology and demons... both carry the risk of deceiving their human masters. Should you rely on them more than strictly necessary? What say you, Francis?"

This seems like a rather obvious alignment question. So let's do the silly neutral one.

"There is something higher humanity ought to seek. I hope you obtain it someday. May God be with you."

zeleninav"You mentioned you thought there was a clue here?"

"He seemed to have some dealings with the blighted lands. "

"Yes. They were in league, though to what extent, I know not. Mitra used humans in some sort of experiment. It seems to have something to do with you... I believe it possible that it has ties to your comrades' malady. "

"But your theory gives me hope, Mastema."

"It will not be easy to find what you seek, but I wish you luck."

Bah. Whatever.

aND Guess whaat, previously unaccessible doors are now wide open!

Of course, there are also brand new quests to be taken, that there is no reason to not do.

I mean, it literally takes no longer than this conversation, since the materials was already acquired.


Not a bad reward! It shall be used for things. Yes. Things.

Excellent. This is behind a secret door.

Worth opening, I'd say.

This other route, on the other hand, seems a bit less useful.


And right here. Right here is something that WILL be seen in the next update.