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by Luisfe

Part 66: Anthony.

Very well, let's check what is behind this door. Surely it will be interested.

The door is accessible, which probably would not be without the previous apps.

Oh no!

A legion/flatwolf ambush!

Damnation, this will surelybe York's demise.

Or not. Fortunately, there was something ior someone ready to asist York.

Strike Team: "This way, and quickly, if you don't want to die!"

And not just ONE Strike Team sprite, no sir! There is more than one.

Well that would probably be a priority.

So, how the hell do they recognize each other? Do the suits have nametags? Identifiers?

Strike Team: "But if you're not gonna give up yet, Mike, neither will I."

Strike Team: "The damn demons keep on coming. Why are there so many of them!? It's like an ants's nests!"

Strike Team: "We have to move, York, so I'll make the introductions quick. I'm Mike, this squad's subcaptain."

Mike: "Our squad was part of the feint operation here in sector Bootes. We lured a bunch of demons out, just like we planned. But this real nasty demon took out our CO, and the chain of command went straight to hell. Plus, we did our work a little too well. All the demons we lured in cut off our escape route."

Mike: "Without any way back to the ship or to call for help... Figure we've probably been moved to KIA status by now. The worst thing is, this place is full of one-way roads. One false step and you're toast. So I have a favor to ask. "

Hm, it sounds like an EX mission!

This is a BUT THOU MUST, so saying no still activates it.

So yeah.

York gets thrown with them no matter what answer one gives.

Mike: "Fall back! Fall back! We're not gonna die here!"


If one does agree, not much changes.

Mike: "Holy...!"

Mike: "Fall back! Fall back! We're not gonna die here!"

Dawson: "Can't run, can't kill ém all... "

Kind of an Aliens reference, isn't it?

Keema: "Hey, York! Your automap still works, right? Which way do we go!?"

Let's take all the wrong choices first. Yes. All of them.

Oh no! The left door leads to more monster ambushes!


And a casualty.

Why yes. Taking the wrong route leads to gruesome deaths.

Of course, the results are not reflected in the actual graphic, but who cares? No one.

And it just happens that it was not a nameless red shirt! No, these are NAMED red shirts. That are only named if they die. Yeah.

Dawson: "He was a good guy... Oh my God, I just wanna go home now..."

Keema: "C'mon, we're not doing Daniel any favors if the rest of us die here too. Let's take the door on the right. "

Keema: "Don't seem to be any demons here. Geez, Dawson. Quit blanching like that. You really are a coward, huh?"

Dawson: "This is the kinda stuff our parents used to scare us when we were kids. And now here they are! Dammit, I can't think straight... Sorry, York. You lead the way."

Another one. Let's see how

Clearly, the left one is the correct one, since the right leads to already traversed ground.

So let's do that. Let's see what terrible fate will come for our redshirts.


Spoke too soon, eh? Horrible skull cyclops.

And a strange chimera of ghosts? It is strange. I think I see a dog, a person on the left, a... horse? on top, and I can't tell waht the thing on the right is.

So, is that worse than being blown apart?

Mike: "Run, evevryone! "

Dawson: "He said he was thinking about leaving the army and going back home soon... He didn't have to go out like that.. Am I next? "

Keema: "Let's get out of here, for Scott's sake. We'll take the door on the left."

So, music? I don't hear no music.

Mike: "Is that demon here!? "

Demon: "Your leader was very brave. He hadn't a prayer of defeating me alone, and still he fought. His cries as he died still ring in my ears... Ah... those sublime tones. I'm sure your screams will make an equially beautiful melody."

That's rather unpleasant thing for the strike team. Yeah.

But it didn't even appear! The demon was just doing an ominous voice!

Dawson: "Wee have to get out of here, NOW!"

Keema: " That must've been the boss of those demons. If we have to go up against him, I'd day we're boned. Let's get out ASAP."

Honestly, I forget which one is the correct one here.

Dawson: "I THINK the door in back leads further away from the demon horde. But that demon showing up makes me wonder... "

Keema: "We're not going to get anywhere if we cringe at every little thing! York! Which would you go for?"

Let's try this one.

Yeah, that is going to work. Surely.

Of course, no. Not really. This is a failure run of this particular EX thing.

Hey those are not particularly dangerous!

Well, at least this one got named BEFORE dying horribly.

Yeeeeah that is terrible.

Dawson: "He was always so proud of how much he could bench... I can't believe he died so easily..."

Keema: "We'll honor Steadman's memory by making it out of here alive. Let's try the door in back."

Keema: "Man, I just want to get out of here already..."

Are we? I am not so certain.

Keema: "On your feet, soldier! York... Any ideas where to go now?"

Yeah. That.

Again that thing.

He is shooting at them, seems like.

But of course, York is not going to help him.

York could probably be useful there.

So what was the name for this valiant sacrifice?

Keema: "Shit! "

Dawson: "Mark... No... Not another one... I'm going crazy..."

Keema: "Mark's sacrifice was not for nothing. We ARE going to get out of here. Move out through the door on the right."

Dawson: "L-Let's keep moving before he comes back. "

Oh boy.

David: "You've done quite well for yourselves, coming this far. All you need is to get past this door and your ship will be right before your eyes."

David: "I count myself entertained! I'm telling you this as a token of my gratitude. I enjoyed it greatly, especially when you struggled most..."

Keema: "You don't plan to let us through either way, do you? Not the way you were talking before about wanting to hear us scream... You're one sick puppy."

David: "This opera of despair is now in its final act. They're waiting for your curtain call in the land of the dead! "

afterwards, COMBAT!

And after the combat this.

David: "Ha... Hahaha... How unfortunate. I wanted... to hear the melody... of your deaths... and despair... "

He's counting his chickens before they hatch, I think. I mean, this IS a failure run through this quest.


Oh sure, and leave York behind. Assholes.

Yeah. See? Getting away from York is a bad idea. Sure, he led the rest of their squad to their deaths, but he is by far the most capable fighter there.

They are screwed.

And York continues to not give a single fuck. He probably could open the door and help.

They continue to be getting killed.

Use what?

Well it caused BOOM. So yeah. Something.

They probably could've used that before.

Mike: "It's thanks to you, York... Keema and Dawson, too. York... Thanks. If it wasn't for you, we'd probably all be dead. Take this."

Hey, a Chrono Trigger thing!

Mike:"I think it should go to you. We can see ourselves back to the Red Sprite from here. We shouuld be fine."

Hm. Will have to go to the lab, in any case

Not bad! That is a useful one!
But now let's do it properly.

Right, left, right, back.

David:"You came this far in desperation, with only a faint glimmer of hope to cling to. I count myself entertained! I-m telling you this as a token of my gratitude. I enjoyed it greatly, especially when you struggled most... "

And then a fight. David is annoying, since he looooves to use Mamudo or Mahama or something. Very annoying.
Also, Jyorou's skill set is not bad. Make them sleep, then kill them with eternal rest.

But Dormina is absolutely useless against David.
York is resistant to whatever he uses so eh. Whatever.

Mike:"It's because of you that we were able to keep casualties to a minimum. This is for you. "

Mike:"I'd say you deserve it more than anyone. "

Keema:"Weak, man. Thanks, York, if it wasn't for you, we'd all be KIA for real. We're gonna go back to the Red Sprite now. See you later, York. Thanks again."

Once again, when the hell did York become Lawful. Eh.

Now let's talk with Dent. He has something to say. And it must be seen.

Watch it.

"I actually have one that's perfect for you. This is a mission from Anthony. He's been preoccupied lately... Coulld you find out what it is and help him with it? "

Yes sir.

The ship is pretty damn enormous, isn't it?

Anthony:"I'm Anthony, with the strike team. Nice to finally meet you. You know, I'm actually a pretty famous guy within the strike team. "


Anthony:"But that's beside the point right now, I guess... I've heard about the stuff you've done. You're due for a bunch of medals when you get back, I bet. I also hear you're a pro when it comes to demon negotiation. Hell, you talk more to those demons than you do to your crewmates."

Anthony:"Demons are fine and all, but you gotta pay attention to use every now and then too. "

Anthony:"I'm talking about listening to my problems... See, I got a favor to ask."

Well, why not? It is what Dent contacted York for.

Are you certain of that?




Wait what.


... Maybe?


Could be worse I guess.

That is logical.

That ought to be doable.


Oh. Great. No identification for whatever we need to search for.

Oh. Could be worse then.

Sounds like a Leanan Sidhe to me. Convenient.

Convenient since those spawn in Bootes and that is where we are going to.