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Part 67: Bootes' stash

Well let us waste funds by getting that particular app acquired from that thing.

David and others seen. Yeah.

And this one as well. Ought to come in handy when reaching other parts of the dungeons.

Back to bootes.

DOORS. DOORS EVERYWHERE. Yeah. This one can be opened now as well.

Two more incenses for the collection, they will be used eventually.

And new achievements as well.

What? That was supposed to be a stradivarius?

About damn time. That means there are no more secrets there.

There is more to do and much more to spend. Damn.

Oh hey, look this is what Anthony was asking for.

Leanan Sidhe: "Uhhh... refresh my memory? I mean, yeah, sometimes I charm men, but... I don't remember talking to any humans like that."

Well damn.

That is pretty damn cold.

Leanan Sidhe: "If you want to chat sometime, I'm game. See you!"

Well, Anthony is gonna be disappointed.

And now Jyorou will give a source in the next level up. That is good since that makes her into fusion fodder.

These cell doors are now active and they can be opened.

Demon: "This place is pretty good, with all the humans that come here. All-you-can-eat! All-you-can-kill! But y'know what? Hariti said she quit eating humans. I wonder if she''s okay."

Hm. I guess that is a tip that we should either visit or avoid Hariti during the full moon. Will have to eventually check that out.

Let's fuse these two, maybe Aeros will be good fodder! Let's see.

Not such a bad skillset, had to use a source, but doesn't matter.

This one.

Yeah had to reroll. I am a dork.

Aeros: "I am Prime Aeros. Pleased to make your acquaintance."

Damn Only one that gets improved is Yurlungur. I guess I could get a Slime from Doppelganger as well, ought to come in handy eventually. But not right now.
Need Aeros's source first.

How the hell does one get here?

Maybe through here?

Yup. Through a another hole.

And through another hole getting down here.

Unfortunately, this door cannot be opened. So that means there is yet another one that must be acquired.


This one works, though.

That'll come in handy.

As will this. Not as good as a full soma, which IIRC heals the entire party in this game, but it is nice.

Eventually, this other room is reached.

"This must be where Mitra kept his things! We should have a look around, York. "

""What's this!? York! Could you take a look at this?

Hm. That looks spiny.

"What's this? There's something written on the pedestal, but I can't read it. .."

Oh no! A mysterious voice! Who could it be?


"It seems you've found it... Congratulations, Zelenin. But... is this not the very stone that was taken from the comrade you fought, Francis?"

Oh boy, is that going to be related to digital devil saga?
No. Don't think so.

"We don't have any assurances that this will save everyone... "

"Of course, I pray for your success. So even demons are applying their knowledge to scientific pursuits... Troubling times indeed. Any knowledge that is unclean in the sight of the Lord is a vice. Zelenin, Francis. Please remember that."

Or is it too late already.

And then he goes away.

Like that.

Well that should be interesting to Irving.