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by Luisfe

Part 68: Madman Stone

Well let's go to the Lab. There is something there to be done.

But first, a look at our new mcguffin. Yup. That's a macguffin alright.

"I don't mind shootin' any kinda weapon into the enemy, but our own men...? I ain't too sure.... But hell, I ain't got any better ideas, so let's do this.

"I'm not sure exactly what an MK type weapon is, so I guess we'll have to chance it."

"Made a man's will more docile and so more controllable. In other words, we're talkin' 'bout mind control. Brainwashin'."

"Whoa there, little lady! It wasn't my idea to bring it along! This stuff was on the manifest since the start. No idea what they thought they'd need it for. "

"If the situation called for it, they would have used us like machines too... But what kind of situations were they imagining? There's so much... that makes it hard to trust your fellow man..."

"We're all helpin' each other out right now. We gotta hurry and get this thing workin' to help those poor yutzes with the parasite."

"I'll have it done in two shakes."

"You know how to fire a gun, right? You aim, you pull the trigger. Why don't ya try testin' it on the crew that got sent to sickbay? Here's hopin'."

>New information has been added to the mission briefing for Treatment Developement.

Let's see what it can do!

And here's an infected! Let's shoot him with MIND GUNS.

And theat's... Something.
Shooting him with mind gun bullets extracted something.
And or made it visible.

Seems like the strike team member is hurt.

But the MIND GUN SHOOT worked.


"We can save them all! Hold up, I'll be there soon!"

Monitor Woman:"Good old human know-how... Is there anything it can't overcome?"

>The main mission Treatment Developement has been completed.

Good plan!

Arthur: "Use it to treat infected crewmen still in the field. It is used as you would any other firearm. I am issuing a new official mission, designated "Delphinus Parasite Treatment."""

: "Please attend to him as soon as you can."

Let's then go back to secotr D.

Since a brand new thing is acquired, let's see what's up with this.

Oh my. A strange door!

Of course, it cannot be opened. At all. Not yet anyways.

Afterwards, York levels up.

Huh, in this side there is an asshole vampire. Yeah. He is an asshole.
But we can talk to him. Yeah.

Not a bad trasure.

And on the other hand, A BELMONT! Or something close to it.