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Part 69: MK Gun. Also, Not-Belmont

Well let's see what NotBelmont has to say.

Not Belmont: "Hm? A human, here? That outfit... You appear to be some sort of soldier. I have lived a long life as Kresnik. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. To tell the truth, I was once a human myself. Until I was bound by a certain destiny, I too lived in your world."

Not Belmont:"In those days, the entire world was consumed in war. Those were awful days..."

It is not, but I guess it is not as bad as... WW1? I suppose? Was there a WW1 castlevania?

Not Belmont: "Has any age since my departure been a pleasant one for humanity? Oh... Excuse me. It's been so long since I've seen a human, and I was so happy... Hmm... Come to that, there's a favor I'd like to ask of you... "

I don't remember ever hearing about such a spear thing.

Also known as NotDracula.

Not Belmont: "If I only had that weapon, I could put an end to our struggle. I must defeat him... It is my destiny as a Kresnik. I would like you to help me find the Hawthorn Spear."

Yeah, why not? That is likely a good idea.

Not Belmont:"Let us share in the glory of our bright victory."

That will probably be a good idea.

Well, shit. That is not a heartening sight.

>It seems the infected crewmen turned on each other.

Strike Team: "Looks like several of the infected crewmen are killing each other... The casualties are slowly building. We need to cure them, quick!"

Another corpse nearby.

And of course, new items dropped by silly unknown demons. We shall see the sprite of the thing that dropped that next time.

This is now accessible! Which makes things much easier because goddamn, running all over the plave on the conveyors got old very fast. Another reason for the lack of updates.

Preemptive: FUCK ERIDANUS. Seriously. Fuck Eridanus


And then this fucktard also appears. God damn.

Yeah. Bad idea.

White Rider: "You think for just one second you could talk your way outta this? Now come 'n get me, and don't go holding back!"

Yeah. Not very talkative.

And he ONESHOTTED pretty much each of the demons before two shotting York. Yeah.

And when York is dead, well, the world gets fucked. Yeah. York was a load bearing hero. IT WAS HIS WILL PREVENTING THE WORLD FROM BEING ENGULFED THE ENTIRE TIME.
Or not, but it happens anyways. Hey, it is Australia.

And then, it was.

So yeah, that did not happen.
Thanks to the magic of savestates.

Well, what else can we do? Not much! So yeah, that.

Hey, bugaboo is still alive. And is still a pokemon.

And continues to wear diapers and strange red bandages.

Amazing. It has become the Lost in Space robot.

Zelenin is right. York is just trying to help.

Jimenez is a dinosaur now!


The screen shines greenly.

What kind of expression is THAT?

Still standing, it seems.

Arthur: "I believe the Delphinus Parasite has been cured. Take him into protective custody."

Yeah, why not. Seems like a decent course of action.

Well, yeah, Bugaboo must not have liked getting shot. Even if it was probably NOT infected.

Then again, it is probably hurt from being out and protecting/helping Jimenez while he was insane.

Yeah. That.

And hurt, it seems.

Well, I'd call that a success in this mission, more or less, even if more corpses than live strike team members were found. Could've been worse. But not by that much.

Also, notbelmont needs a spear.