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Part 70: Cured!

Arthur: "Mission "Delphinus Parasite Treatment" is confirmed complete."

"No one here's at fault... You either."

Arthur: "Let us resume our efforts to find a way out. Strike team, you are operating at a reduced capacity, but you must continue to search for the Rosetta. First Lieutenant Zelenin and the rest of Monitors have pinpointed the quantum tunnnel's location. "

"We have a cure, but we still need to watch for any signs of symptoms in the crew. It should be fine so long as we stay alert. I wonder if the medical team will discover the cause..."

Strike Team: "... I guess it must have been a hallucination from the disease. It was so familiar, though... Commander Gore? Nah, it couldn't have been. That was one bad hallucination..."

So, he saw Gore? That cannot be, he is dead.

"But I'm not going to pretend it doesn't bother me. What did the higher-ups have in mind when they included one in the ship's equipment? "

"I've heard there's been sightings of Commander Gore. With the body missing, there's no evidence to the contrary, but... I wonder. We'll need to find that body and get to the bottom of this. Commander Gore... Where are you?"

"The joke's in poor taste if you ask me, with the body missing and all... Plus, he's dead. It must have been a hallucination from the disease, or possibly memory loss from the treatment."

"I'm going to stay here and watch over everyone who's been treated. you continue the investigation... Here's hoping they don't start getting violent again."

Well, that was not exactly enlightening, but at least things are getting solved with the thing.

"Well... I'm sure there;s all kindsa questions and issues all over this whole thing... But me, I'm just happy everyone's back to normal now. "

"They called it a "mental parasite", but that sounds so dumb, like some hokey sci-fi thing. But I'm not one to talk, since it's not my specialty. We'll wait for the results, I suppose."

And other than that, not much new.

Let's see this one. We did see how Anthony's hopes and dreams were destroyed in one hit. Or something. Bah.

"Do you want to report to Anthony?"

Well let's see how this plays out.

Anthony: "Alright. That's cool. I'm okay with that."

I don't think that is how it goes. Like, at all.

Dude's kinda creepy.

It was easy, though.

"I haven't heard you talk about it much, but I'm sure you feel the same way. Humans in conflict with each other, and now a mental parasite... It's too coincidental for "bad luck.""

And whoever is responsible for will be held responsible. I guess.

Bah, whatever.