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Part 71: Forgin'

Time to go back to Carina, since there is something that needs to be done.

Right here, where Mastema used to hang out.

Now there is a dwarf there. One that is not aggressive! Amazing.

Dwarf:"I'm Dwarf. I work as a blacksmith here. You cane at just the right time, boy. I got a favor to ask you. This place has nearly all the materials I need. It's the perfet spot to make weapons. But it seems I'm missing some things here and there. I want you to go get 'em for me."

Ayup, after all there is something that will be acquired from this.

Dwarf:"You bring me all that and I'll forge you my best weapon. I'm countin' on you, boy."

I like how it is implied that there will be more since it has a ONE at the end. So yeah, hopefully this time we will get to USE those weapons. Or armors. Or whatever it has.

Dwarf:"Remember, I asked for Cursed Lance x1 and AT Carite IIx2. When you've got 'em all, come on back and see me. I ain't gonna rush you, but I've really got a hankering to forge some weapons."

Fortunately, the Cursed Lance can be acquired easily. But it is a worse weapon than what York has at the moment.

Not expensive, so yeah, why not.

And with that, this one becomes a silly fodder for fusion.

New secret doors can be opened now, which is convenient.

Like that.

Behind ths one it seems there is a... Helipad? Why would a demon mall have a helipad? That is quit strange.

And there is another thing here.

He goes behind the doors by himself. Normally one cannot access it because that goblin is in the way.

>You can hear the demon and a female voice from within...

Hah, he is an underling.

Why is he Navi now?

Huh. Well that is neat.

She is not a human if she's been alive that long, right? Because that would be a long time for anyone to be alive. Or something.

Goblin:"The lady came to this world to see Master Cu Chulainn... But we can't find him. I heard that Master Cu Chulainn was invited to Mitra's palace, but... "

Hell, as a human it would be impossible for her to even survive in the area without protective gear, so yeah. No.

Goblin:"I knew the Lady has a good eye. We're depending on you."

Goblin:"Master Cu Chulainn trained in the land of shadows, so he's very skilled at stealth. He might be hard to find, so luck be with you."

Not gonna do that at the moment, so it's time to continue exploring. Since the OTHER required materials refuse to appear.

And this one is not accessible at the moment. Eventually there will be another door opening application. Eventually.

Hey. THat is not a dragon. At all!

No idea what the hell a "drake" is, but okay. Yeah. Let's get that.

Bai Suszhen:"I'm Drake Bai Suzhen. Cool to meet you."

Hey! That kind of looks like a mesoamerican thing.

And a goddamn giant bat!

ABOUT FUCKING TIME. This has taken a long time to acquire, and exploring og pretty much the entire place.

Drunken monkey thing, I guess. But is it worth wasting a Doppelganger? Even if the doppelganger can be acquired again easily.

Well, it happened. Also, for a Tam Lin. Don't mind getting rid of Mou-Ryo.

Tam Lin:"I am Genma Tam Lin. Pleased to make your acquaintance. "

Couldn't we just use Tam Lin and fool the Goblin telling him that is Cu Chulainn? Seems to me that they are palette swapped versions of each other in this title.

Doesn't seme to be such a bad set, but there is no source that is currently accessible that will fix the electricity weakness.
Hm. Strange ropes and knots there.

Nice, tam Lin can eventually become Thor. Let's see how he looks.

Oh. Well. It is the old artwork. Oh well. No recycling of Nocturne Thor, I guess.

Took over an hour to get just THIS one. Goddamnit.

Eventually another one joins, and oh my, Hel! That seems like a newish art asset as well.

As well as finding new secret doors when there weren't any before. Or just me not finding them, and doesn't matter anyways.

Things! And what may be a secret one way door.

Eventually, this one is acquired! AT LAST. That took a bunch of time.

About time.

Of course I will get pissed off at things in a moment, because that lonely AT Carite 2 took a WHILE to get.

Immediately after that, here it goes.

And the one AFTER that.
Oh god fucking damn it.

Not a bad prize.

Dwarf:"Remember, I asked for Cursed Lance x1 and AT Carite II x2."


Dwarf:"Ooh, you got 'em all? Not bad, not bad! I'll make you the best weapon these hands know how! It'll take me some time. Mind waiting 'til I'm done? "

So yeah . That's how you get the damn Hawthorn Spear. Have to walk a whole bunch.