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Part 73: Fight with a strange thing

Let's see what NotDracula wants.

NotDracula:"Heh heh... Never thought I'd see a human here. Interesting. You investigating this place or something? Did humans finally wake up to the danger their sins put them in and take some action?"

Seems like he is slightly more assholish than the NotBelmont.

NotDracula:"Well, the great Kudlak won't need to kill you personally. You're close enough to death as it is. Good luck with your investigation."

NotDracula:"Hey, kid... you wanna do me a favor? That Kresnik guy is really getting on my nerves. No joke. So. "

Maybe have him get a curse? In a horrible night?

So both want a weapon, eh?

NotDracula:"That's right, a reward... Music to your ears, huh?"

Well yeah, a reward would be nice, all things considered.

NotDracula:"I'm really counting on you to bring me that Pest Crop."

NotDracula:"I'm really counting on you here. Bring me that weapon once you find it."

Can't do shit for that at the moment, so let's see what that thing about the rosetta was all about.

Huh. It seems to be a... Hive? Something? Suspended and with open holes.

"Who's that!? Huh...? That voice... It didn't come from the radio! It's... It's speaking directly into my head!"

And now something appears.

It is a mystery! Or just something new and mysterious.

Orrr something terrible.

It is level 30. All other things unknown.

Fortunately, it can be beaten with SWORDS and BULLETS.

That wasn't too bad. It was not a particularly difficult fight either.

"Oh, and the Rosetta's reading is gone, too... But... We didn't get the Rosetta! "

Arthur:"I have analyzed the entity believed to have contacted you through your Demonicas."

Arthur:"That is correct. I confirmed the weak Rosetta reading. However, I was unable to confirm the presence of the entity itself. "

Arthur:"Judging by the chain of events and the inability of sensors to detect it, the entity you encountered... It's most likely related to the Delphinus Parasite in some form."

Arthur:"Yes. However, I can draw no firm conclusions at present. I have taken the precaution of cheking your Demonica's bio-monitor. I detected no abnormalities. There is no trace of mental parasites. Now then, York, Zelenin. You were unable to obtain the Rosetta on this excursion. However... There are still multiple weak rosetta readings in the sector. You must resume the investigation."

"Are we going to have to fight a demon we don't even understand?"

Arthur:"Obtaining the Rosetta must be our highest priority. Should you become infected with the parasite, we have the MK Gun. There is no need to worry."

Nope. It is not possible.

Oh well. Time to continue the hunt, I guess.

So let's go upstairs. Let's finish explore the level first, though.