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Part 76: Relapse?

Let's go and do this one as well.

Starts just the same, with a giant hive being in there.

And a silly cell ball thing appears and we get to beat the shit of it.

Yeah. Nothing in particular to be said about that. Actually just used AUTO battle on it. Agh.

Lorelei provides a new Source. Nice.


"The Demonica no longer shows the weak Rosetta reading."

Arthur:"I see that you were unable to obtain the Rosetta this time, either. However, there are still other active Rosetta readings. Continue your investigation."

Will do so. Note, this is a bad route to take if you are not done with the subquests. Or something. Don't care. Let's see.

Automagic paths.


And afterwards, further automagic pathways.

That one eventually leads to yet another hole, that leads to the first floor. There is a kind of cutscene here.

Yup. It is NotBelmont vs NotDracula. The way the fight goes depends on the items you've delivered to them.

Nice trench coat thing. Is that supposed to be a dragon in the back?

Maybe he will! After all he does have the new thing he asked for. And provided an awesome armor.

NotDracula:"You, beating me? Don't make me laugh. I'm getting tired of this never-ending battle... It's time you died, Kresnik!"

And then they fight. Or something.

But will NOTBELMONT's attack be any good?

Seems like it is super-effective!

I think this also happens almost the same in Devil Survivor. He was an asshole there as well. Asshole.

Of course, NotBelmont can't properly finish up the thing. Oh well.

NotBelmont:"But our next meeting will be our last. On that day, I will end his life! "

Bah. Let's instead check what is on this particular area. Maybe it'll be a better idea.

Hooray for new doors that can be checked.

Seems that this happens when York is a lawful character. This goddess likes him.

Like that.

York why do you lie. You are not on vacation at all.

:"Just make sure you don't get eaten by demons, 'kay?"

Ame no Uzume:"Everyone's on edge, and there's just this all-around air of negativity. "

Ame no Uzume:"People definitely need to cooperate, and that's just for starters. "

Hooray. That is always good.

Ame no Uzume:"You're probably used to talking to girls and stuff. Hey, this is for you. It's not much but it kinda shows how I feel."

God damn it. Then again the inventory for demons was already full, so eh. Could've been worse, I guess.

Maybe for the next one she'll join York's retinue. SEE ANTHONY? That's how it's done. Or something.


Here there is a new guy. Let's see what this one has to say.

Strike Team:"Oh... It's just you, York. Don't scare me like that. I thought you were a demon about to attack... I was ready to pull the trigger. I'm McClane. I'm on the strike team, same as you."

McClane:"Oh... Sorry. I got hurt when I was attacked from behind a little while back. "

Eh, who knows? It could've easily have been a doppelganger.

GASP, no!

McClane:"I saw him head upstairs. Could you go find and cure that crewman, whoever it is? Me, I'm hurt... I shouldn't move for a while."

Well, yes, there are things to be done up there anyways.


McClane:"": "Be careful. I didn't see who the crewman was. Could be anyone. There is a way to tell, though. Whoever I shot had a wound on their right hand. Use that to identify him... or her."

Really? Even with the infection going on?

Fair enough.

There's the stairs. Let's see what else we can see.

Messed up, but this shows that Zhens have started to appear. So, Dyonisus will soon get his goddamn booze.

Dear lord that is rather ugly.

Dantalian:"So 'tis thou that called on me... WIeldest me with caution, thou son of man. I am called Fallen Dantalian. Let us work in harmony."

"past, present, and future, written in a language only he can read."

Dantalian can be made into giant BAT THING so it probably will be used for that. Yeah.

And this strange dragon thing. Eh.

Gross ghouls!

Those things are gonna take a while to acquire.

That certainly does not look indistinguishable from normal humans. At all.

Well, finally upstairs. Let's go there.