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Part 77: A damn dead end.

Well, let's go.

Fuckin' darkness, man. It is always annoying.

But it could be worse. At least that was kind of straightforward.

Aand then this.

Strike Team B: "Isn't it you? I mean, you're the one who brought it up. You're the least rational out of all of us here. That's suspicious, I'd say."

Strike Team C: "There's no point in arguing like this. Let's all head back to the Red Sprite and..."

GUESS WHICH ONE OF THEM IS INFECTED, it is a thrilling mystery! Or not. Not.

Strike Team A: "I'm right, aren't I? You don't fool me!"

Strike Team C: "You're a strike team member! You need to get a grip, man! I think you're the infected one!"

There are options! We'll see them all. But fuck it, let's shoot them all and let.. Uh, no, there is no sorting here so yeah.

Yeah. They all are getting a dose of brainwash ray. Chaos? Law? Neutral? Who cares. It's just shooting them all.

Strike Team B: "York... What are you doing!? "

Must kind of hurt.

Seems this dude wasn't infected.

With the "shoot everyone" choice it is guaranteed that the infected one will no longer be infected! Oe something.

Orrr... Welp.

Strike Team B: "All three of us were fine..."


McClane: "Thanks for finding them. Following you made it much easier than doing it myself."

That is a very, very stupid plan. It would've been far safer for him to do it ONE BY ONE. And without York. Seriously dude, if you are going to try to murderize team members, don't wait until the apparently competent dude is with them.

Yeah, not with 20 hp a pop.

Yeah that doesn't seem very likely

Hm, not too bad. And he is level 31. That shouldn't take long.

Of course, nope. Did not take long for those to get beaten.

And not gonna be murderized by ONE dude with two Nues.

McClane: "Why am I... here?"

McClane: "Sounds like you saved me. Thanks."

Will check what the hell this is in the next update since I forgot to do it here.

Strike Team B: "This "brainwashing ray"... I can't say I like havint it around ,but it did save our bacon. Thanks, York. We owe you one. Now let's go back to base."

lLet's see this option.

How can we be sure? HOW?!

Oh. Bah. That kind of sucks.

Let's see this one as well.

Strike Team C: "Why would you want to do that?"

Strike Team B: "All right. If you're not infected, you should have no problem showing it. Let's see everyone's hands. As you can see, my hand is fine."

Strike Team A: "You wanna see it? Here. Not so much as a scratch, right!? What about you, York?"


Strike Team C: "Yeah, my right hand is hurt. But I got this when the infected crewman attacked me! He hit me from behind... I got this defending myself. Didn't I just finish explaining this to you two!?"

Strike Team B: "Hey! Let me ask you this, York. THat other crewman you met said he gave the infected man a wound on his right hand, right?= Could it be him that was..._"


That being done, let's just move ahead.

God damn.

Hey, we will be able to see the BAT. Appropriate for the dark area.

And the Dis. Yeah. It's been a while. Still wearing the Yggdrasil Ring.

Is it flaming?

Bat and bald lady!

And the bat is an asshole. Oh well.

And of course I forgot that there is ABSOLUTELY no more things to be done here. Just wasted more than half an hour looking for the advancement thing. It is a dick, this area.

So instead of whining, let's just see more FUSION!

Huh, it's a mermaid thing?

With this source. Got nothing to counter the fire weakness, but it doesn't matter.

Cyclops mermaid?

It WILL become a Parvati eventually.

Yeah, like that.

So let's get get back from the previous floor and explore further. Not to the part that drops us into Kresnik and Kudlak, but HERE.

At least there is another staircase.

Poltergeist: "I'm sick of this! I hate the dark... I might be a monster, but even we can be afraid of the dark... I heard there's a treasure here that's like a night-light, but... I can't take another step in the darkness! I wanna go home!"

... God damn it. Why. On the other hand, not AUTO FLOOR at the same time as darkness! That is a good thing.
And now I am missing the Etrian Odyssey mapmaking.