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by Luisfe

Part 78: A night light!.

Very well, let's move on and go ahead. This darkness is getting on my nerves now.

A rare forma? Just lying around? Oh happy coinkidink.

Oh my! Just what that silly Poltergeist said! Amazing

And this, given after rebrainwashing all those strike team members, Not bad! Probably going to be useful in the future.

Strike Team: "It's pitch black past here, York. We should come up with a strategy for dealing with this. If you've gathered a lot of forma, going back to the Red Sprite might be a good idea."

Let's see.

Ayup. That is some darkness there alright.

Fortunately, there is a convenient terminal here! So let's use it to go back. We got a brand new thing.

Irving: "You still got a high-quality forma on ya, don'tcha? That's right... You ain't gettin' one over on me. Just hand 'er over and no one gets hurt, hehehe."


About time! WHAT DOES IT DO?


About time!

Irving: "Hmm? Somethin' on yer mind, Francis? You did good... "

Also, new items.

Yeah, that is inferior.

Also inferior, but nulls dark instant death. Could be better, though.

Yeah, don't care. Keeping the current ring because it is still more hp, and more hp is MORE LIFE.

Oh my, a new app is working! Let's see the results!


It is different. And considerably more helpful than navigation by bump.

No mapping, though.

Even the combat arena is different, which is a nice detail.

Hey, surviving one instant death. Won't say no to that.

Maybe should've gone with the anti-mute thing, eh?

What? Has the visualizer failed me?

No, just a bad angle. I thought it was darkness AGAIN when I first played it on the DS. That was mildly annoying for a second.

Stairs here.

And a shortcut!

What? I have no idea what that does. Will be checked on the next one.

Unless I forget. I think there is something I am forgetting.

Oh no! A conveyor belt!

One that leads to a goddamn hole. Goddamn holes!

This is ominous. A terminal and a heal station? There must be something here.

Right and left are darkened, and also linked.

Fusion time!

Goodbye, Momunofu. You are becoming a satanic star. Yes.

Let's fix his weakness. This will work.

Kaiwan will become a Titan in the future, maybe

See? Linked.

And there is something here in the middle.

Leading to a set of stairs. But what about the middle door?

Let's see.


A mysterious statue.