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by Luisfe

Part 79: Dark belts!

Let's go up. Maybe the advancement will be straightforward and good advancement will be had Hahaha no that is a lie.

OF COURSE NOT! There is a nasty annoying thing to be done!

First, there is dakrness. Yeah, no biggie. Sure, it is not mapped, but at least don't need to bump into EVERYTHING all the time anymore. That is good. Too good to last.

So yeah, that ain't too bad.

That is kind of a short span of light. Because you know that there is more darkness behind this.

Meet the other gimmick of this floor. DARK CONVEYORS. Thus, unmappable conveyors. I miss Etrian Odyssey's system. Goddamn. That would make it easier.

This one is a conveyor that puts you where you started. Yeah. We don't want that.

This one also goes back. There is a reason why there are no cropped ones here, haha.

Like that, that is terrible.

Conveyors. Converyors everywhere.

Needs to be MAPPABLE.
Also, another reason why I would not be willing to play Grimrock on hardcore mode. I am thankful for automaps. I LIKE first person dungeon crawlers. I like exploring.
But mapping by hand? Not anymore. Hell, I even had a guide for Shining in the Darkness with premapped maps. Kind of defeating the point of the game, but eh, it worked.

Let's try this southern conveyor. Maybe it'll lead to SUCCESS.

It gets annoying with the lack of mapping.

But it leads to a door! Let's see if it leads to SUCCESS.

Well, there is a terminal, so there must be advancement!

But no, more goddamn darkness.

And it leads to more goddamn conveyors.

On many sides.

But here is something.

Of course, it was nothing but the next corner.

Which leads to even more conveyors.

Yeah. Being conveyed. Conveid? One of those.

Not much to say here. It is not the most eventful floor.

And back to where it pretty much started.

But there are even more conveyors! There is something in the middle. TO THE MIDDLE!

Some treasure, yeah, whatever.

But even more darkness, and conveyors that lead to the start of the area.

Yeah. Like that.

So, let's try this one.

Why yes, it is yet another goddamn conveyor in the dark.

Hopefully this'll work better.

Well, it leads to ANOTHER area.

With LIGHT. That is a good sign.

About time! It does lead to ADVANCEMENT.

Conveyors! More goddamn conveyors! But at least it is light and thus automapped.

Like so.

Hm, and there is something her at the side. There may be something on that alcove to the right.

And a strange switch! Let's see it from a bit farther.


Not pictured: It turns and THEN it glows green. Pictured: Reverses the direction of the conveyors.

This one used to go North. Now it goes south. Just like the other one.

Well, that is rather annoying.

aND UP HERE is a set of stairs!

Oh, two Rosetta signals! THat means advancement was made!

But let's see this side.

Well. Ampther goddamn hole.

And right here, another switch! Yeah, that could've been worse.