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by Luisfe

Part 81: Empty

Well, here's this. Let's explore this part.

Secret door.

Empty, both of them.

So let's just see what is going on with the FUSIONS. Pisaca seems rather useless.

Kaiwan and the Ghoul can become a gross legion.

Or a FUU-KI. I may have messed up with the image locations. Oh well.

In any case, the titan is to be made.

And the Titan plus Kaiwan becomes Vivian.

It's going to be a while until that can be fused.

So let's fuse Kaiwan and Tam Lin, to get silly keyhole faced demon thing. That ought to be useful.

No source since there is nothing that can null its weakness. Oh well.
Nothing at the moment, anyways. Maybe in the near future there will be something.

Yeah hi, whatever. To the tubes.

Well, about time Doppelganger will be useful for something. Besides being absolutely awesome at everything not involving hama or mudo, of course.

Hey it is a feathered snake. Possibly another version of quetzalcoatl. Yeah. Something.

Regret it or not, he is gonna be fusion fodder.

Vousomething. Did not capture the image, but surely going to be fused in the future.
Fuu Ki is gonna be Thor! Or not. It's gonna take a while

A long long time. I mean it's been over 30 hours already.

This is going to take a long time.

Of course, can't be there without my good old doppelganger.

Gucumatz will have to be recycled, of course.

Doesn't seem particularly stealthy.


Eh I said.

There is a terminal here. That is a good sign.

But the chamber is empty.

There is nothing here.

Nothing else to be done but go back.

And down again.

Hopefully there will be no need to go back upstairs because that is an absolute pain in the ass.

Back down. Yes.

Well now, that is slightly different.


We will soon see what is behind that door.