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Part 82: Asura

Very well, let's proceed, Not going to use this, though ut could've been useful. But no.

In any case, let's go back to the ship.
There is stuff that needs to be done acquired.

Oh, nice. This will be useful.

This seems a bit useless, since it has less defense, but it'll come in handy. Strong against fire? Oh yes.

That will work.

But this is not going to be useful.

New items as well, not gonna make any at the moment.

So let's come back. There is something here.


>The statue is giving off a powerful energy reading.

"I can feel energy coming from it... It's like... A pressure I can feel in my bones."

And of course, this asshole appears.

Well, that is not a good thing.

Well, from statue to... red skinned giant thing.

Demon: "Behold... The heavenly giant your kind once worshipped as Asura"

Asura: "Why do you do nothing but try to escape this world_ This place you know as the Schwarzwelt is what you have brought upon yourselves!"

Asura: "You covet material goods and do injury to your planet. You are vile, vulgar spirits! Therefore, this Schwarzwelt has appeared to test you. That is why I entered you and gave you the opportunity to polish your spirits to a fine sheen. And still, you humans can think of nothing but escape. Why will you not polish your spirits!?"

Not as pretty then? Oh well. Asura does not approve.

"I know full well there is evil in the world... BUt if we can convince everyone to observe order, we can make it a better world! Humanity won't better itself by fighting! It's wrong!"

Asura: "I have observed this world for thousands of years, since what you would call ancient times... The human spirit was once beautiful. The strong ruled the people, while the people respected the strong, cursing their own weakness. It was because of the chaos in that ancient world that the spirits of humans were made beautiful!"

So, does he blame agriculture? I guess.

Asura: "The weak deserve only the comfort of death! We must bring chaos back into the world and halt the decay of the human spirit!"

Asura: "That is why we were sent here! It was the Earth-s will that we bring back chaos! Bring back power! It is not wrong... It is beautiful! Do you still not understand? Will you stand by and watch the Earth decay?"

So yeah. Let's use the spineless and pointless neutral option. I mean, he is blaming EXTERNAL things for the behavior of humans. Bah.

Asura: "You have been told the lie many times that we are the source of all evil... Thus further estranging humanity from its true nature! Unfortunately, your spirits are not yet in a beautiful shape. I will use my power to reshape them thus!"

Well. This is not looking good does it? Fighting a boss. Just York. No party.

And he casts maragidyne. I told you, the Rock Vest would be useful for something.

With the rock vest, that can't do shit.

His physical attacks are still rather powerful, though, so Arm Shots work well.

Like that.

Do not remember if this dude will fuck up your shit if you debuff him fully, but better safe than sorry. Oh well.

Of course, even debuffed, he is gonna be dangerous, the damage does accumulate.

And then he does this.

Without debuffing that would've taken a huge chunk. Yeah.

This is his other gimmick, and it is rather unique.

This is why going solo is a good plan against this dude. Yeah.

It also makes York-s sword slashes hit harder. Good thing.

So yeah, it's just hoping to not get offed before it fades, and you can heal.

Eventually, he goes boom.


Levels! Like 3 or four of them!

And FIVE luck. Damn.

Didn't he blow up?

Asura: "It is too late... To stop the Earth... from being filled... with chaos!"

Oh shut up and give the Rosetta.

Yeah, whatever.

About time.

"Hm? Look!"

Isn't that a bone?

And a new Rosetta! That is good.

Arthur: "The Rosetta reading in this sector is none other than the manifold before you. Secure the Rosetta and return to the ship. "

"I'm so tired... But I'm sure you have it worse than I do. You've been fighting this entire time... Physically and mentally, your time in the Schwarzwelt is making you stronger... Whereas I'm only still standing by the grace of the angels."

So yeah, let's see what Asura says about the other two responses.


And the fight starts.

Seems he appreciated that one.

But the fight still happens.

Hell yeah. SOLO, even.

Seems York is beautiful-er.