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Part 85: Welp, teleport

Thoth: I already gave volume 2 of the Books of Thoth to another demon... Here's the riddle... An earl carries the second of the books of Thoth. His candles light the darkness for pleasant reading.

Well that is clearly referring to Bifrons on sector B. But eh, screw trying to find it.

Let's advance!

And a Kin-Ki decides to join without prodding. That is good. That is pleasant.

Yeah, like that.

Oh nice, Titan can become the asshole demon that was required on Antlia. That'll come in handy.

Afterwards, resummoning this asshole. Not the most useful, but since York is now Neutral, he'll fit right in and will be useful for combination attacks.

Things are getting pretty expensive though.

Grinding has lead to new demons being able to be summoned properly, that is good.

Reminds me of the Legion of Superheroes for some reason.

Hey, one of the Moireae or however you spell that. Maybe after levelling and grinding some more.

And of course there are also combinations that lead to thigns over 30 levels the current level. That is gonna take a lon time.

This one is doable though.

None to be used at the moment though. The current grind team is sufficient, and besides their sources are not acquired yet.

Arthur: "An abnormality has just occurred in a creaman's radio on the field. There were no major problems, but all hands should be aware of radio conditions while investigating."

"Maybe our Demonicas are finally starting to break down."

"We're thinking it might be due to a large energy flux within the Schwarzwelt."

Could it be waht. WHAT?

Oh. That. Well that would be inconvenient.

Arthur: "There is still time before the operation commences. They will not begin without our signal."

"We think it's about the size of the Red Sprite, but... It's not responding to our hails. "

No of course not, it is not going to be an issue at all. At all.

Arthur: "We cannot allow ourselves to be distracted by unverified data. Strike team, focus on searching for the Vanishing Point."

"I'll agree that we do need to find the Vanishing Point now. Work quickly, York."

And here is a stair. Not to be taken now though. We'll see.

Must be the right way since there is a terminal.

Demon: "Perhaps we underestimated you... "

And of course there are shortcuts. Those work.

And then of course things that are useless at the moment.

So let's get up here, it is not near a terminal so it must be safe to get here I guess.

So far so good. Seems around the same.

Aw, but one cannot advance properly just yet. Damnit Atlus! I want to explore more!

Then uh. What.

Huh. We've already been here.

The fuck. Just stepped on a teleporter. Fuck.