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by Luisfe

Part 86: Another darkness.

Very well, let's explore this new area. Yes.

Well, the area seems straightforward so far, new tileset and all.

And it comes with TELEVISION!

Animated tiles! Oh my!


And some sort of angel thing! As well as a politician/salesman.

And suddenly, we are back. Damned teleports! Damn them!

And back again. We have to fully explore this area you know agh why, no, fuck that.

Hey look, a Spriggan.

Yes, that would be nice.

Why yes. And then fuse you into another thing when you are useless.

Well that is not exactly the reaction I was expecting.

Oh well.

Meanwhile, this one ACCEPTED. Hooray, more fusion fodder.

"Those who died of lightning strikes and water-related causes go to his kingdom, Tlalocan."

"Gucumatz worked with the god Huracan and brought land from the sea, and created animals to live on the land."

"The secret of their power is the garnet gem in their forehead. If it is stolen, they lose their power and must obey the gem's owner."

I don't see any gems there.

Yeah this dude is now fusion fodder. Or maybe I should've taken him off the party. Not at the moment.

Let's go up.

OH FUCK. Can I end the update here? Can I? Please? Because fuck goddamn darkness.
This is a new type of darkness. Not just blue darkness, this is RED darkness. Of course that shit cannot be countered with the same app expansion no. This needs moe exploring and crap. Yeah.

Fuck this shit.

Except that if there is no advancement then, well, I would have to do this crap later. I hate this area.

But this one wasn't too bad.

"The place up ahead is a bitch, too. I've been having problems with all the floor traps. I'm going ahead for another try. See you later! Gotta keep trying until we get the hell outta this damn world, after all."

Going up and then going down so fast? Oh well. Time to explore more I guess.

Hopefully it'll be something interesting.

How can I know? I don't see the map or the map marker.

Yeah why not. I mean it is mandatory advancement

Well that seems straightforward enough.

Well that is new. Will it be a switch? Or something else?

It is a creepy square-pupilled eye!

Yes, i'd say so.

"From the look of it, I don't think it's merely decorative... On examination, I found a weak energy reading. The waveform is... similar to those of the terminals. It's probably accurate to say that it's some sort of teleportation device. Oh yes, and here... some kind of mechanism is in this recession. "

Probably not.

Nope, don't think so.

That'll have to wait.

Hopefully something will be found soon.

"Ah, York... As you can see, I haven't made any progress here yet. I think the key is an energy source of some kind that matches this device. "

"... No,, this doesn't look like what we need, sorry about that. I 'm fairly sure what we're looking fori s in the Schwarzwelt. I wonder if we can find it with our Main App."

I guess that will have to wait until we find something new.

Hey, more stairs upstairs. Not bad.

Oh. it is a shorcut? At least that could be worse.

And not even a one way door! Even if it was only detectable from the other side.