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by Luisfe

Part 87: Exploring that red darkness.

Well there it goes.

Well, this silly shortcut will be very useful.

Demon: "Honestly, Lady Amaterasu enjoys making mischief entirely too much... Hm? What do you want? Ah, worse and worse... to run into a human at a time like this. No matter! I must bring back the Lady Amaterasu! Hm... A thought comes to mind... You humans can find hidden demons with those unearthly machines of yours, no? I am Ame no Uzume, attendant to the Lady Amaterasu, the goddess of a foreign land far from her."

Ame no Uzume: "Very well! I have a request for you, human. would you use those devices to find the Lady Amaterasu for me?"

Ame no Uzume: "Oh yes, it nearly slipped my mind... There is a man named Futotama who is here with me. Should you cross paths, tell him what happened. His is the power to tell fortunes through Futomani, so he would be no small help..."

Well, we need to find futotama again. That could be slightly annoying. Let's do that later.

Hey, there is a city in this corner panel.


Clearly there is something here. Eh.

So let's explore this bullshit.



Strike Team: "Man, I can't get anywhere in this darkness... I'e just been walking forward. Hm? Just walking forward? Maybe it's not as complicated as I thought..."


Goddamn darkness. I hate it.


Demon: "Well, this ain't such a bad place to live. If you get lost, just trust your insticts and walk straight ahead. You might see somethin' then..."

So yeah, we already saw how to get away from that asshole area, so let's instead advance on this place. There are secret doors that actually work!

And here is a rare thing! Excellent. THat'll work.


Strike Team: "Maybe it's time I upgraded my Forma Search function too."

Blue tiles? Oh my. Red tiles do damage. It is annoying.

Blue shit here as well.


And a door behind blue shit.

As well as a whole goddamn lot of fucking blue things.
Let's see what it does.

... What.

It heals. But what.

It also makes you useless and attractive to random encounters.

Yeah still nothing. The new rare forma doesn't fit the slot.

Yeah yeah yeah what does it upgrade.

Oh nice.

That sounds useful.

New crap as well! Now we will be getting different colored rare forma.

Eh I think I will retain my arm crippling bullet thrower. Need Debilitate soon. That is a useful one.

Yeah no, I prefer my current one still.

About time something was better than the Ygg one! Yeah let's get that.

20 more mp is not as useful as more HP though. York has not yet lost all mp. Considering the giant magic stat is there any reason to get this? No, I don't think so. Let's get more hps though, those always help.

And let's activate Nurse. THat ought to come in handy. And deactivate Enemy Welcome, fuck that shit.

Hey a new thing!

sILVER! Instead of orange. Yeah.

New crap! I guess this will be useful for more items.

With Nurse on, let's see where this shit leads to.