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Part 92: Back to Carina

Back to the ship, I guess.

Arthur: "Prepare the plane shift to begin our new mission. "

Back in Carina? Why? We were done with that area! Done!

aRTHUR: "Judging from its size, it may be a large ship. "

Tyler: "Is that the energy signature you were talking about on the comm!?"

Well, considering that it's the only one we have not ran into yet, hopefully.

Who knows? It may hold a single survivor, like the others.

Muccino: "But we haven't gotten a response. Could be it's not reaching them."

Mia: "*sigh* If we'd just hauled ass outta here earlier, we wouldn't have had to deal with this... "

Arthur: "Given this situation, I have decided to make investigating the signal from Carina our priority. The Schwarzwelt Joint Project concurs with this assesment."

"I'll tell you what we need to do is get the hell outta here! The man said there's no response! It's gotta be like the Elve. There ain't nothing alive on that boat, man!"

Tyler: "you'd just leave them stranded in the Schwarzwelt!? "

"I agree with Arthur."

"Why we gotta stick our heads back into the lion's mouth? Not my idea of a good time..."

Dent: "Shouldn't you be thinking about their feelings? "

"Admit it guys... You all think they're dead, huh?"

"Maybe I can pick up a souvenir or two, heheh."

Clearly Dent did not care about Jimenez's attitude.

Arthur: "We have yet to confirm the signal in Carina as one of our ships. Remain cautious as you carry out the mission."


Going back. Well hopefully this won't take long.

"It's on the 4th floor at 9 o' clock. It's not moving. "

Muccino: "I highly doubt they wouldn't be able to pick up our signal from here..."

Arthur: "I am issuing a new official mission, designated "Signal Investigation.""

"If Horkos was still alive, they'd make a great meal."

Yeah most likely.

Arthur: "Do not let your assumptions lead you astray. "

Yeah yeah, like always.