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Part 93: Lightning

: "It doesn't feel right, then... I'm sure I don't need to remind you what happened with Horkos. Let's be careful."

"Everyone says that's the Gigantic, but... is it really? Based on waht we've seen, I don't think it's an ally at all."

"If they were alive, I'd expect them to be overjoyed. They'd be all too happy to communicate with us. But we've heard nothing. Not even when you called... I don't feel good about this... Be careful."

"But I guess no matter what you do in the Scwharzwelt, there'll always be something that's not right... Man... is this karma?"

Yeah let's see what you can make now.

New sub apps AND new items.

See? New products.

A bunch of new things! All of them things involving changes on levelup.

Hercules: Chance of +1 to strength on level up for demon levels.
Orpheus does the same for magic.
Orion gives vitality.
Achilles gives Agility.
Theseus gives luck.

As well as new items.

I think I will keep my silly weakening gun for a while.

But there are new weapons.

I think I'll keep this one. It sounds good.

Not now!

Yeah maybe, but not now.

"The higher-ups at the Joint Project seem to have absolute confidence in their plan... "

Can't be too hopeful.

"And this is the Schwarzwelt we're talking about. Our enemies are not of this world. Though ultimately, nothing will come of this skepticism. Best to concentrate on the mission."

Time to backtrack! Could be worse.

Hey, this dude is still here. Maybe something new will happen!


Dwarf: "Thing is, I need you to go collect a ferw materials for it again. Can you find me one Nihil and 3 Anubis Stones?"

Yeah that sounds like something that can be done.

Dwarf: "I trust you, boy. You bring me that stuff, and I'll make you an even better weapon!"

Also a LOT of achievements were, well, achieved. Why not chek them out again?

Sheesh. But who cares? We are almost OUT of the place. Almost. This is done. DONE once the door opener for Eridanus is found.

They are goddamn dangerous.

Useful move. I remember getting it before in the non-emulated version.

Won't be the last time. And no, no one LIKES pit traps.


50%. Damn.

Well, that's it. Let's just go to the fourth floor, as Arthur indicated.

Well, they said fourth floor, head west. This works.

Whaddaya know? THERE IS a ship.

See? It even says so.

"It's just sitting there. Looks like an easy mission for a change. So as long as that hog doesn't pop back out, right?"

"From what we can see of the Gigantic on our end, there's no damage to it. "

"This... Isn't the Gigantic? "

Arthur: "This ship is not the Gigantic. It is a prototype model of the Red Sprite. "

Note: All the ships are variations of lightning.

Yes, the final fantasy 13 character.

Well, since it is not the Gigantic, I assume so.

News to me as well.


So, a private organization matched the capabilities of a multinational illuminati cabal?

"I'm not quite getting the vibe that they're here to save the day, y'know? So what do you want us to do? Barge in and fire a few warning shots into the air? "

Oh. Joy. The Strike Team's communications are wide open to these dudes.



I wonder what the name of THEIR command unit is.

Well, then why didn't they respond when queried first? That just makes it creepier.

Well, that could be worse.

Considering that the Joint Project plans to nuke the place that is not exactly completely reassuring.

But at least they are being friendly.

Arthur: "We will attempt to contact the Lightning using crew trained to handle high-risk situations. "

So, the two dudes already on site. Convenient.

Yeah, why not.

"They don't seem like enemies. In fact, they don't seem to care much about us one way or the other. Well, c'mon, Francis. Let's go hear their story."

Hopefully everything will go right on this.