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Shining Force 2

by Random Hajile

Part 1

It begins on an unusually stormy night... (video)

For those of you that can't watch the introductory video, here's a condensed version:

Cut to the King's throne room in the city of Granseal...

In stealing the jewels of Light and Evil, the thief has released the seal on a terrible power...

On to the file system:

Ah, you look so confused. You don't know why you're here? Yes, yes... I used a spell on you. Ha, ha. Where are you going? You can't escape from this mystery forest unless you help me.

This is the main character this time around. His default name is BOWIE, but what fun is using the default? It's not just him we'll be naming this time, either...

Everyone who responds can claim one character to name. First come, first served. Seven letters maximum. Profanity (and/or stupidity) forfeits your claim.

In the interest of fairness, I will not be looking through my Shining Force I thread for the characters claimed there. Sorry, but I'd rather keep people on an even footing.

The characters and their names are:

Bowie - Nigel
Sarah - Ashley
Chester - Ron
Jaha - Samwise
Kazin - Shaggy
Slade - Cluny
Kiwi - Byron
Peter - Knox
May - Cherry
Gerhalt - Wolfy
Luke - Harvey
Rohde - Grizzle
Rick - Darin
Elric - Furlong
Eric - Bateman
Karna - Tobias
Randolf - Brock
Tyrin - Vincent
Janet - Rose
Higins - Quentin
Skreech - Dustin
Taya - Layla
Frayja - Harry
Jaro - Vidkun
Gyan - Teddy
Sheela - Buffy
Zynk - Cylon
Claude - Petrus
Chaz - Quixote
Lemon - Apple

The characters' new names will be updated in bold as they get approved.