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Part 11

One year has passed since the construction of New Granseal has begun

One year has passed since we came here. The castle, the towen... everything is coming along nicely. But we lack something. What is it? It's trading! We need to make alliances with other towns.
That's all for today. You may go now.

As we look around town, we discover quite a bit of commotion ahead...

Yeah! It's a very big bird!
I'll go see the bird! You go tell the King about it!

Well, we might as well look into it ourselves. As we join the crowd, we see a few children pestering the bird.

Oooo... it's big! I want to touch him!
Stop! Stop this!
Amazing! He speaks!
Of course I do. Is this how your greet strangers?
Shut up, bird!
How barbaric! I didn't know humans were so impolite.

Stop! What do you think you're doing?

The little brats are sent to go stand in a corner.

Welcom to Granseal. I am the Minister. We just settled here. We're strangers here.
Ha, ha! You're right. But, I'm very happy to meet a man like you!
Please stay here as long as you like. Let me introduce you to King Granseal. Follow me, please.

Since the crowd will take a while to disperse, there's not much to do other than follow them to the King...

He looks more like a retarded vulture for the time being, actually.

But legendary? I don't know about that.
I heard that a phoenix serves a god.
God? Ah, Volcanon! Harvey calls him a god. As long as he watches over us, nothing can break the peace of Parmecia.
Volcanon? THe great being who created the Earth? Oh, this is the happiest day of my life. Please let me go with you and meet Volcanon!
To tell the truth, I hurt my wing during this trip. I stopped by here to ask for help. But, I don't want to trouble you...
Don't worry. These lads love trouble. Nigel! It's time to set out! We're going to Mt. Volcano with Knox. It's in the far east!
Astral! You said you're going to? No!
Wh... why not?
We came here just a year ago. We're still learning about this land. You're needed here.

That would be the sound of Astral's dreams coming crashing down.

Nigel, please take your party and go with Knox. Astral, do you agree?
Y... yes.
Then, they're my companions! I'm Knox. I really appreciate your kindness.

Unfortunately, Knox doesn't officially join the force yet, but I'll get into that during the next battle.

As usual, the nobility are really cheap. 100 gold amounts to pretty much nothing.

Good luck, Nigel. Find as many friends as you can on your journey with Knox.

Before we set out, we've got some preparations to make. First of all... We've got a new village and a new castle. Looting time!

We find a Cheerful Bread, a Warrior Pride, an Angel Wing, an Antidote, a Healing Seed, and a Healing drop. The Cheerful Bread will increase the HP of its user, and the Warrior Pride is a promotion item for Warriors.

I might as well mention that now. In Shining Force II, there are a few hidden items scattered through the world that allow you to unlock special classes during promotion. Warriors are usually promoted to Gladiators, though you can use the Warrior Pride to promote a Warrior into a Baron instead. Promotion items can only be used once and only when a character is first promoted. You cannot make a Gladiator into a Baron with it. There are four other types of special promotion items, and I'll mention them when I find them.

The weapon store has opened, as well. We buy a Middle Sword for Nigel, a Spear for Ron, and a Hand Axe for Samwise.

We've stepped out of town and haven't been attacked yet? What trickery is this?!

Ah, there we go. We had to go a zone east and south in order to find something to kill.

Battle #9:

Between us and our next destination are 3 Goblins, 2 Hunter Goblins, 2 Green Oozes, 2, Witches, and 2 Vampire Bats. Knox will fight with us, but he's not under my control. It'll be a few more battles before I get to order him around. In the meantime, I have to deal with him doing stupid shit and/or stealing kills.

Ron gets to test out his new spear first.

And he goes on yet another rampage, killing the first Ooze.

Next up, Nigel wounds an approaching goblin.

Looks like Ron isn't the only one who can pull off double attacks. Luckily, Shaggy's defense has gone up a bit over his last few level ups.

Stepping around Nigel, the Goblin went straight for Ashley.

I hate this battle (as well as the next few), and this is why. That goblin was wounded enough for Byron, Cluny, or Ashley to take out. But no, the fucking buzzard has to go and spoil my setup.

Samwise packs much more of a punch now.

Yet another reason to dislike this battle: Bats with Blaze II.

Aww, so close.

Ron earned the attention of the second Hunter Goblin.

Just in time for Cluny to finish the first one off, earning him level 11.

With Ron injured, I can't really afford to pick at the enemies and choose who finishes them (plus, it's not like Knox would let me), so I just have Ron take out the first bat, bringing him to 11 as well.

Right after he does, the Hunter Goblin went after him again. If I had let the bat live, there's no way he'd survive until Ashley got to him.

Nigel takes a chunk out of the hunter and stands between Ron and the goblin to the south. I don't plan on letting him die so easily.

Curses! Lost another loan to Ditech kill to Knox!

Cluny's becoming more and more of an asset. I can't wait until I can get him a new weapon.

Since the remaining enemies are a fair distance away, I have time to let Ashley touch up all the wounded's health. She earns level 10 and learns the spell "Blast."

The first witch foolishly charges Ron, doing a pitiful 3 damage.

Samwise and Shaggy take her out.

Looking on the bright side, this bat only has enough MP to cast Blaze II once, and he just wasted it on a single target.

Ashley patches him right up again.

Ron and Nigel take the bat out. Just as well, I'm not in the mood to see how much of a punch their 32 attack power translates to. Nigel earns level 12.

Samwise and Ron eliminate the second witch before she can Freeze anyone.

I let Ashley test out her new spell on the last Goblin.

Blast is the weakest offensive spell by far. However, it's the only attack spell that Priests can get and it is better than nothing. Until her promotion, her attack power will always be pathetic, and once she gets at least Blast 2, it'll make her leveling go much smoother.

Finally, Byron wins a duel with a Green Ooze to end the battle.

Next update: The town of Ribble