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Shining Force 2

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Part 13

Last time, we left off at the entrance to a mysterious cavern.

But, I heard this cave is home to a hobgoblin.

Strange voices in dark caves are never a good sign.

Wh... Who said that?
Me! The hobgoblin!

Enjoy your visit because you're not leaving!

Battle #11: The Cave of Darkness

Inhabiting the cave are 3 Vampire Bats, 2 Hunter Goblins, 2 Witches, 2 Dark Dwarves, and the Hobgoblin.

This fight has a bit of a gimmick to it... You can only see a short distance around where the cursor is. If you don't thoroughly check around, you can miss where enemies are hiding and get blindsided. Me? I'll just be charging blindly ahead. You folks can enjoy the results of my masochism.

Shaggy "finds" the first of the enemies for us. He's a helper!

Ow. A critical hit.

Moving here serves two purposes: It lets Ron attack, but more importantly, it helps keep the nearby Hunter Goblin from getting at Shaggy.

Nigel finishes off the first Dark Dwarf.

And Ashley moves in to heal Shaggy, earning level 12.

Dark Dwarves are apparently really nasty on Super.

Cluny gets rid of the second dwarf.

Meanwhile, Ashley brings Ron back to a safe amount of health.

Whoops! A witch went after Byron, who was taking an alternate route.

Shaggy gets rid of the Hunter Goblin.

And Ron moves to avenge Byron.

This seems to be a recurring theme. Ron has been getting more double attacks than the rest of the force put together.

Cluny finishes the witch off.

I know there's a Vampire Bat nearby, so I've arranged my troops into an open formation. I don't want to have several wounded by a Blaze 2.

It pays off. Only Samwise gets roasted for now.

Nigel takes out the bat with a nasty critical.

Cluny and Shaggy get rid of the second hunter goblin. Cluny earned level 13.

While advancing, the other witch hit Ron with a Freeze.

Cherry and Ron tag-team the witch, earning Ron level 13.

Cherry eats a Blaze II from the second bat.

But Nigel and Cluny quickly finish it off.

The Hobgoblin is kind of underwhelming. The Dark Dwarves hit harder, even though he has a better weapon.

Cluny tries to take on a vampire bat alone...

Which doesn't work out well for him.

Samwise kills the bat, earning level 12.

And finally, Nigel crushes the Hobgoblin, earning level 14.

Inside the treasure chest within the cave we find a "Silver Tank," which is a special promotion item for Archers. It lets them become a Brass Gunner instead of a Sniper, which is a really bad thing to do. You see, Brass Gunners get a little bit more defense than Snipers, but they pay for it with a point of movement, which is not a good tradeoff.

With the Hobgoblin dealt with, we soon find the light at the end of the tunnel.

Next update: Ascending Mount Volcano