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Part 17

Since I changed my mind and went for the Kraken first, I'll be unveiling my surprise a little early: The Kraken Falls - Video Update.

Win or lose, I intend to do both video and screenshot updates for the really memorable encounters of Shining Force II. Doing so should help add an extra bit of nostalgia for those who have played before as well as show the combat system in motion for those who haven't.

I probably won't be doing commentary, however. Trying to record both the game audio and my voice seems to result in one or the other ending up completely inaudible. No huge loss, I'll just keep the pace up during battles so the action can speak for itself.

Anyway, on to the next update:

After narrowly defeating the mighty Kraken, Nigel and team arrive in Hassan. For those of you that didn't watch the video:  Only Nigel, Samwise, and Knox survived out of a level 18 party. 

In Hassan, we find a haggard old archaeologist. Maybe he'll help us get to Creed's Mansion?

Time is dear to me. Please don't bother me.

Whoops, it looks like I might as well have gone the other way first. I thought I remembered hints about the ruins to the east of here, but I guess I was wrong. Looks like the game expects you to be able to understand a vague hint from a ruin near Ribble.

The weapon shop has a bunch of new stuff. We buy a Power Axe for Samwise, a Thief's Dagger for Cluny, a Steel Arrow for Cherry, and Power Sticks for Ashley and Shaggy.

Well, since there's not much else to do, it's looting time!

We find a Running Pimento and...

Mithrils #7 & #8

Our new destination is through the mountain pass to the east, just south of the river.

As soon as we go through the pass, we're attacked, bringing us to:

Battle #15:

Between us and the ruins are 4 Golems, 4 Zombies, 2 Death Archers, 2 Evil Clouds, 2 Black Monks, and a Master Mage. Oh, and a lot of sand to slow our movement. Since this is a filler battle, I'll skip to the conclusion.

Battle Results:


Nigel 18 > 19
Ashley 18 > 19



Party Stats:

As we enter the ruin, we're mistaken for someone else.

Well, who are you?
Petro? Is he back?

Say something! Petro!

Ancient stone? Yes, my family had it for a long time. But, it was stolen. My grandson took the stone, the Sky Orb, when he left. I think he went to Grans Island to operate an ancient vehicle. I've lost my purpose to live.

Also, I discovered how to use the ancient tunnels. But most of them are useless, except the one to Grans.
To Grans? Can we get to Grans Island through it?
Yes. Do you want to go there? You'll go to Grans with me, then. Lets go now! All I want is the Sky Orb. Just help me get that, and then you can leave.

Before we leave, we find a Steel Sword. We could've bought two (one for Nigel, one for Harvey) in Hassan, but it'd be a waste of money, since we find one here and something better after the next battle.

We head to the ruin south of Ribble next.

As we approach the entrance, the old man casts a spell to open the door.

How thoughtful.

Next update: The Entrance of the Ancient Tunnel.