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Part 18

There are more monsters here! Nigel, take 'em out!

Battle #16:

Infesting the Ancient Hall are 5 Golems, 4 Gargoyles, 2 Arrow Launchers, 2 Black Monks, and 2 Master Mages.

Shaggy and Harvey smash golem #1.

While Wolfy and Samwise deal with #2.

Ron and Knox pick off the first arrow launcher.

Nigel takes out the first of the Gargoyles.

A Black Monk takes a chunk out of Ron's health with a double attack (I missed capturing the first hit), but Ron counters.

Cluny has come a long way from being the useless liability he was when he first joined.

Ron isn't the only one who can go postal on enemies.

The new enemies are fairly nasty, but still easier than Kraken tentacles.

I don't know what the deal is. Ron was never this awesome in my previous playthroughs.

Shaggy gets rid of another of the golems.

While Cluny and Harvey take out the second Gargoyle.

Nigel kills a black monk in one swing, earning himself level 20.

Cherry packs a decent punch, herself.

Unfortunately, her defense is a tad low. I got cocky and it cost her.

Ron cleans up the mess.

Nigel clears a Master Mage out of his way.

While Cluny and Harvey take care of the other one across the hall.

Ron and Nigel get rid of the final golem.

Knox kills the last gargoyle.

And finally, Harvey and Cluny deal with the last arrow launcher, bringing the battle to an end.

Follow me to the Ancient Tunnel.

Oh well, let's go in.

The old man attempts to unseal the door with a spell, but it has no effect.

What? Petro, my grandson, locked the door. Sorry, guys! We can't go to Grans Island this way.

And with that, the old man wanders off...

Inside the chests of the Ancient Hall, we find...

Power Water and a strange Wooden Panel.

For now, we head back to Ribble. Inspecting the tree in the middle of town, we find something odd...

If we use the Wooden Panel on it...

A hidden passageway appears!

Inside it is another ancient ruin.

Where we find the Achilles Sword!

Next time: The Return to Hassan