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Shining Force 2

by Random Hajile

Part 20

As soon as we enter the shrine that houses the Ancient Caravan, we're hailed by its guardian...

Who IS that big guy?
Don't you know? That's Taros, the guardian of this ancient shrine.

What should we do?
The Caravan is there, behind him. We must have it!

Battle #18: The Iron Giant - Video available! Google: Entire Battle & Dailymotion: Part 1 Part 2

In addition to Taros himself, we've also got to deal with 3 Gargoyles, 2 Arrow Launchers, 2 Soulsowers, 2 Golems, 2 Master Mages, and a Black Monk.

Cluny and Harvey take out the first Arrow Launcher. Harvey earns level 21 in the process.

Apparently Byron just can't hack it in Super. He was standing on a +30% defense square, too.

Knox and Nigel get revenge, earning Nigel level 22. He learned Bolt!

Cherry took out Gargoyle #1, earning level 20.

While Harvey and Cluny take out #2. Cluny earned level 21.

Samwise defeats #3.

At this point, I'm going to split my team up. Cluny, Samwise, Wolfy, Cherry, and Knox will go left, everyone else will go right.

Nigel can one-hit-kill Golems now. Now if only he got more than 1 EXP for doing so...

Also, Ashley hits surprisingly hard for a priest at this point. Of course, you ain't seen nothing yet.

Knox gets rid of another of the golems.

While Samwise smashes the second Arrow Launcher, earning level 20.

Ron kills the final golem.

And Harvey deals with the final Soulsower.

Both the remaining Master Mage and Black Monk strike at Samwise, but he's tough enough to survive.

Wolfy takes out the monk.

While Knox and Cherry eliminate the mage. Now it's just down to Taros.

Only the Achilles sword can harm Taros, and Nigel is the only one who can equip it, so it's just him and a healer vs Taros. I do have a trick up my sleeve, however...

Not too shabby.

Unfortunately, Taros gets two turns for every one of Nigel's.

Thankfully, Ashley gets the opportunity to rush in and heal.

Time to end this.

It's a damn good thing Nigel got to attack twice. He didn't have the HP to survive two more strikes from Taros, even after the healing.

As Grizzle approaches the Caravan, its magic causes him to shrink, allowing him to fit inside.

He immediately shifts it into gear and drives off, almost running Nigel over in the process!

Great, Grizzle just stole our ride.

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