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Shining Force 2

by Random Hajile

Part 23

At the end of the tunnel that Furlong revealed to us, the natural response would be to simply head up the stairs.

However, you'd miss some nice stuff if that's all you did.

In these chests, we find a Brave Apple, an Angel Wing, and a Medical Herb. The Brave Apple gives a level to its user. But there's more...

If you can locate the second hidden passageway, you can find...

Mithril #10

Just outside of the cave, we encounter a group of enemies.  There's also another Mithril hidden in the north of this area, but I'll grab it on my way back out. 

This is the territory of Mr. Creed. Go away.
But we have to see him.
No! Leave now!

Again, violence is the answer.

Battle #21:

In our way are 3 Orcs, 2 Harpies, 2 Skeletons, 2 High Priests, 2 Dark Madams, and an Arrow Launcher. One of the Dark Madams has a Protect Ring that she'll drop.

Getting it out of the way, here's Furlong's battle sprite:

Yes, that is a large green flower that he's wearing as a hat. Goddamned elves.

Battle Results:


Knox 22 > 23
Nigel 23 > 24
Cherry 22 > 23
Samwise 20 > 22
Shaggy 22 > 23
Harvey 21 > 22
Ashley 23 > 24
Darin 21 > 22
Wolfy 21 > 22
Cluny 22 > 23



After the battle ends, Oddler seems rather excited.  Also, we're now about halfway through the game, excluding the two secret battles. 

Oddler, can you see?
No, why?
You're moving around as if you can see.
Am I? Maybe my other senses have sharpened since I lost my sight.

 Oooh, foreshadow-ey! 

As we enter Creed's mansion, we overhear a conversation.

Yes, sir.

Yeow! Yes?
We've come to see Mr. Creed.
My master? Do you have an appointment?
What? No, not yet, but...
I'm sorry, but he's busy now. Come back later.
Nigel, Knox, let's force our way into the room!
Oddler, you're getting bold. But it's a good idea.

As we try to rush to an unattended doorway, the man teleports in front of it, blocking our way!

You impolite kids! You can't go in! Mr. Creed is too busy! Go away!

Let's ditch this guy and go through that door.
Nigel, let's do it! I don't want to fail now!

Knox tries to fool Creed's servant...

We rush to the unattended door, but as we touch it...

We're hit with a spell that shrinks us!

What stupid kids! Whoever passes through this magic door becomes small. That is, anybody who's not protected by Mr. Creed.

Now, you're part of the collection!

Creed's servant tosses us on a desk and walks off...

Great fucking idea, guys.

Next time: Fear and Loathing in the Desktop Kingdom