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Part 24

Your grand little plan happened.

A strange feeling swept over me when I entered that door. Then, it felt like... I was lifted upward!
It's very difficult to explain what's happened to us...

Not really. What's so hard about saying "You fucked up and now we're bite-sized."

Anyway, we're very small now.
Small? How small?

So basically "Myspace camwhore dignity small."

Goliath! Hey, what did you do to us?
I told you not to go in there. You didn't listen to my warning. You guys look so cute! Ha, ha! Bye, little kiddies!

Creed's servant walks off.

I mean... It's not like things can get much worse, can they?

Let's look around this Desktop Kingdom.
I agree! We can meet Creed later.

Looking around, we meet a couple interesting faces...

I suggest you see King Ponpei. He's a good man.

I was looking for the legendary sword. I hate it here!

Of course, it's not like he could actually do anything with the sword if he actually found it. But we did learn something: It looks like Creed rescued the citizens of another city that sunk on Grans Island.

Somewhere in Floor World, there's a tunnel that leads to Creed. I'll let you go if you win a game against my army. You may go to the chessboard now.

Battle #22: Fool's Mate - Choose your video flavor: Google or Dailymotion.

While we only have to defeat the King, there are 6 Pawns, 3 Queens, 2 Bishops, 2 Knights, and 2 Rooks just itching to get in my way.

To start things off, I focus my team on the right side of the board.

Darin makes the first attack, striking at a pawn.

Not as damaging as I hoped it would be. This is either going to be a very long or a very short battle, and not in a good way.

At least Knox knows how to bring the pain.

Yeesh. Rooks only have 4 movement, but they've got nasty attack range.

I hate Bishops. But at least it made itself vulnerable.

But so did Ashley. I was getting into position to heal Knox if needed, and it cost me.

Ugh, one of the Queens moved in to freeze the group I had attacking the Bishop.

It took some effort, but Cherry finishes off the first Bishop.

Just in time for the King to run over and blast Samwise, Ron, and Darin again... Oddly enough, this might be a good thing: The King is now in a more vulnerable position!

I send Wolfy and Knox to start beating on the King immidiately.

Gamebreaking powers - ACTIVATE

Whoops, there goes our healer.

And Shaggy takes another beating.

Go, Samwise! It is better to die for the Shining Force than to live for yourself!

Ron and Samwise died with honor.

I don't fucking believe it.

Attempt #1. Check-fucking-mate. Well, that was incredibly anticlimactic.

Next time: We can't stop here. This is Rat Country.

GuavaMoment posted:

I was incredibly disappointed when you left things alive in the Kraken battle. You must wipe the board clean this time. If you can't do that, then redo SF1 with Yogurt in your party. I'm not going to let you take any more easy outs.

Afraid it's not going to happen. If you focus on one side like I did, then all of the Queens and the King try to blitz you, and if you split your forces, it leaves one side without a healer.

So, the only way to clear the board seems to be making sure each party member has a Healing Drop or massively over-leveling. Since there's no item shop in the Desktop Kingdom and it's still a little too early to promote  I plan to hold the voting for the usage of promotion items at the same time that we vote on which of the Creed Mansion characters to take , it's just not feasible to take everything out.