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Part 27

Well, the moment we set foot into the cave, a battle begins. And to make things even better...

Yeah, it's another "Dark Cave" gimmick battle. Joy. But take a look at everyone's sexy new map sprites!

Battle #25:

Infesting the cave are 5 Skeletons, 4 Dark Snipers, 2 Lesser Demons, 2 Dark Bishops, and a Dark Soldier.

Battle Results:


Nigel 2 > 4
Ron 1 > 3
Samwise 1 > 2
Harvey 1 > 2
Ashley 2 > 3
Vincent 2 > 3
Furlong 1 > 2
Shaggy 2 > 3
Cherry 2 > 3
Knox 2 > 3
Cluny 2 > 3



Within a chest in the cave, we find a Fairy Tear. Fairy Tears will cure whatever ails 'ya.

A short distance from the cave's exit, we find the village of Ketto.

There are a lot of signs around of Ketto, all containing various messages and warnings from the Devil Army. Cheeful messages like "Weapon and Item sales are prohibited," "Mitula Ignores You!" and "Palacon will never come to save you."

Within barrels around Ketto, we find some Healing Water and a Bright Honey.

Also, if you search around town, you can find the weapon store owner. He's willing to break the laws and risk punishment to sell to you.

Unfortunately, the only worthwhile new weapon available is the Javelin. I buy one for Ron.

Well, that's about all there is to Ketto.

Next time: The journey to Palacon

Since the next battle contains a bit of a story update, I'll be sure to cover it in full and introduce the promoted classes. I'll also show off Byron and Grizzle.