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Part 30

A short distance after the previous encounter, we come across a bridge.

Those monsters are eating the bridge.

A voice cries out for help.

Being the dirty old man that he is, Sir Astral tramples Nigel in order to get a better look at the damsel in distress.

Get away from the bridge before it falls into the river!

Battle #28:

This is going to be our largest battle since the Chessboard: 4 Lesser Demons, 4 Worms, 3 Wyverns, a Dark Sniper, a Dark Soldier, a Lizardman, a Master Monk, and a Wizard.

The Lizardman starts things off with a nasty hit against Wolfy. And just think: Compared to the Worms and Wyverns, Lizardmen are pussies.

Thankfully, Wolfy is tough enough to withstand a continued assault.

Time to introduce Shaggy's new friend...

Apollo blasts for about 26 damage. Not bad at all. Shaggy earned level 6.

Knox and Cluny take out the sniper, earning Cluny level 7.

Harvey finishes off the Lizardman.

And then dodges an attack from a Lesser Demon.

Ashley bring Wolfy back into fighting condition.

While Cherry and Darin get rid of the demon.

I don't especially like the bridge. It's one big land effect 0% patch, and with enemies hitting as hard as they do now, we need all the defense bonus we can get.


...That wasn't even a critical hit. Oh god, what have I gotten myself into?

Cherry, Wolfy, and Darin quickly take out the worm, earning Cherry level 5 and Darin level 7.

Well, at least Harvey took the hit instead of Nigel.

Ron is still pretty awesome.

Aww, so close.

Thankfully, Darin is able to shoot down the wyvern before it can kill again.

... Or not.

At least Wolfy is able to finish off the Demon.

Perfect, now we're being attacked by two of them.

Insult to injury, folks.

I really love Wizards at times like this. The first wyvern dies, and Vincent earns level 6.

And Cherry blasts #2 out of the skies immidiately after.

And just think, Samwise has the second highest defense on the team.  Darin beats him by two points at the moment. 

Thankfully, Ashley has a chance to patch him back up.

Darin and Wolfy were able to eliminate the demon without incident. Wolfy earned level 6.

Hmm, Deja Vu.

Samwise and Cherry dealt with it, earning level 6 for them both.

Knox and Ron blitzed the last worm.

Luckily, compared to worms and wyverns, dark soldiers barely register as a threat.

Hey, why can't MY wizard hit like that?

Nigel can't quite get in range to hit all 3, but this'll do just fine.

Knox got rid of the enemy monk.

Samwise took out the soldier.


Cherry retaliated, hitting the Wyvern with a nice critical strike.

So much for Ron.

It's not as much fun being on the recieving end.

Wolfy and Darin took out the last demon.

Nigel finished off the last wyvern with a crit of his own, earning him level 7.


Surprisingly, yes it was.

Desperate to cop a feel, Sir Astral shoves Nigel out of the way.

We'll take you with us. Tristan is the nearest town. I think you had better rest there.

Sir Astral lifts the woman onto his back.

Anyway, Tristan is just over there. Let's go.

What? Don't you want to go to Tristan?
Oh, I do, but...

Why not?

With a flash of light, the woman reveals her true form!

Wh... who are you?! Are you a devil?

What do you want?
Nigel, I came here to get your Jewel of Evil!
Zeon told US to bring it to the Ancient Tower. He didn't mention you. And since we've never heard of you, you're not getting the jewel!
No! His orders were...
If Zeon finds out, you will be...
He'll forgive me when I bring him the jewel. Enough talking! Hand over that jewel. In return, I'll spare Sir Astral! Do you want me to kill this old man?
The jewel can't be removed from Nigel's neck. Do you really think that you can kill me?
Of course.

Sir Astral fires off a ball of flame, which Cameela only narrowly leaps over.

Well done. You dodged my fireball.
What a surprising old wizard! I didn't think I could obtain the jewel that easily. Ha, ha! This is gonna be fun! Nigel! Keep it for a while.

Cameela runs off.


Cameela jumps off the side of the bridge! Dramatic exits are one thing, but that's a wee bit on the psychotic side.

Would you please explain what just happened?
You don't know? Everything here was set up by Cameela. It was a trap to get the Jewel of Evil.
Your fireball... as if you knew what she was from the beginning.
Yes, I did. Her evil aura was apparent. By the way, did you hear what she said? They're all acting on their own, ignoring Zeon's orders. It will be dangerous. We must be careful.

In any case, Sir Astral has once again proven himself the greatest of the Shining Force advisers.

Next time: Tristan at last.