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Part 31

BradleyJamers posted:

Good god, 93 attack power, that is just INSANE. I can't imagine what it's gonna be like when you get to another boss fight, I think I'd just break down and cry.

We'll probably find out later today.

Not long after the ordeal on the bridge, we arrive in Tristan.

There's some good stuff at the weapon shop. Chrome Lances for our knightly sorts, a Great Axe for Samwise, and a set of Brass Knuckles for Ashley.

The only notable piece of loot to be found is a Protect Milk.

Anyway, it's time to find what we came for. We head into the shrine.

Just perfect.

Sir Astral, what do we do now?
Hmm... Nigel, what do you think?

Nigel, it's obvious!
I agree. We have to see the storytellers and listen to the legends. Make a break for it!

Because that same plan worked so well the last time, we'll do it again!

So be it! Let the truth be known!

The priest is really a monster! But perhaps the same could be said of all religions...

Devils again! Nigel, attack!

Battle #29:

4 Worms, 3 Wyverns, 3 Master Monks, 2 Orc Lords, 2 Wizards, and a Dark Knight.

I'll just gloss over this battle in order to get at the next one more quickly, but first...

This chest is inaccessible in the US and Euro versions of the game, since searching had been disabled during battles. At least it only contains a Shining Ball. Nothing spectacular.

Also during this battle, you can see the reflections of clouds pass by in the shrine's ponds. It's not significant in any way, but I've always felt it was a nice touch.

Battle Results:


Nigel 7 > 9
Vincent 6 > 8 - Learned Bolt
Cluny 7 > 8
Ashley 7 > 9 - Learned Slow II
Darin 7 > 8
Shaggy 6 > 8 - Learned Neptun
Knox 7 > 8
Samwise 6 > 7
Harvey 4 > 5
Cherry 6 > 8
Wolfy 6 > 7
Ron 7 > 8



Party Stats:

Next time: The Shrine of Mitula