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Part 37

Tupperwarez posted:

Jesus, this is getting pretty brutal. How long more before you can get your Mithril on?

Three more battles, I believe.

Getting the Sky Orb triggers an event back at Creed's Mansion, which is about as far away from Nazca as you can get. There's no indication that anything happened there yet, either.

As we enter the mansion, we find that the remaining Deskop Kingdom characters are no longer shrunken, and there's wreckage scattered all over the place.

Oddler regained his memory and suddenly went berserk. He had a fearful face, but my master seemed to understand everything. He fell into the sea to stop Oddler. Is Mr. Creed still alive?

Looks like Creed got his ass kicked by a blind man. I guess he wasn't as awesome as I thought he was.

Where should I go? Hey, may I go with you?

What should I do now? I can go anywhere... maybe... with you?

But I can't do that if I'm stuck here. May I join your force?

Tobias, Brock, and Bateman all join the team. And now I get to head all the way back to Nazca...

Upon our return to Nazca, we find that the eye of the carving is actually an entrance to an ancient ship.

The Nazca cannon is a new weapon for Cherry.

At Cylon's request, we put the Sky Orb into the center console at the front of the ship.

What's going on?
Don't worry.
But... but... Wooooow!

Knox appears to be enjoying the vibration a little too much.

Since screenshots of the following scene don't really do it justice, here's the video version: Google and Dailymotion.

However, I'll provide the screenshots anyway:

We're going higher and higher...

OK, now we'll head to Grans Island.

The ship begins moving forward.

The Ancients were greater than we thought!
Oh, thank you very much.


Yes, sir. With an ancient aircraft. He'll be passing over the cape soon.
Good. I'll do anything to get my powers back.
They're stronger than we thought. But, I have an idea. Please let me try it.
I think it's better for us to shoot them down over the cape.
I agree.
Thank you. Then... may I borrow Odd Eye?
He's still damaged from his battle against Volcanon. Take Red Baron instead.
Thank you, sir.
They'll be passing over the cape soon. Go!
Yes, sir!

As Geshp teleports off, a new figure appears...

That Geshp! He wants everything.
You noticed that too?

Well, Oddler looks a lot more evil than when we last saw him.  This is the only hint to check Creed's mansion that I can remember. I imagine a good many players miss it. 

You really think so?
I was just thinking of Nigel's hidden powers. We must never underestimate him.
Anyway, it will be a fantastic show! Ha, ha!


They're ready!

The Prism Flowers are waiting for you! Hee, heee!

Back at the Nazca Ship:

We've finally come home.

I didn't see it. You must be seeing things because you're so old! Ha, ha!
(Grumble)... Someday, Knox...

Shoot them! Shoot them!

With a bright flash, each Prism Flower fires off several salvos at the Nazca Ship.

Well, I didn't.
This could be bad.
Sir Astral! Nigel! Something is coming straight towards us!
What is it?

The ship shudders from the impact of enemy fire!

Ooouu!! What was that?! Lightning?
An attack from the ground. I can't control the ship! We've sustained damage to the engine! We might crash!
Crash?! Geshp's trap! Darn!
I don't want to crash! Sir Astral, please help us!
Cylon, can you land on that cape before the ship crashes?
I'm not sure, but I'll try.

The Nazca Ship skids to a halt, then becomes still. If you watched the video, it ends at this point.

Where's Sir Astral? Oh, there he is!

Nigel, come on!

Nigel, Geshp's probably coming for us! Evacuate the ship! What are you doing? Get off the ship! I'll go first.

Anyway, we have to go to Arc Valley. Nigel, let's go.

We find an isolated building a bit to the south of the crash site...

It's a monastery.

There's a bunch of useful stuff here, including:

A Brave Apple, the second Vigor Ball, and Mithril #15. We've now collected all the Mithrils in the game.

But that's not all we find...

We walk in on a female monk skinny-dipping! Woo!


Astral begins shoving us away from the spring...

Wait! Is that you... Sir Astral?
What? Who are you? You know me?

Well... ah... sorry.
I'm Buffy. I was a pupil of yours in Galam. I was preparing to become a priest.
Buffy! I can't believe it!
How is that scar on your chest. Remember? You snuck up behind me and tapped my shoulder...
And you kicked me in the chest... and it left a scar. How could I forget. Nobody but Buffy knew about that scar... It still aches sometimes.
I am sorry I kicked you.
That OK. How have...

 The mistakes in this conversation are errors from in the game 

Hey, aren't you going to introduce us?
Of course. All in good time. By the way, what are you doing here?
I came to kill Red Baron. He killed my fiance.
Oh... I'm sorry...
And why did you come back to Grans?
To reseal Zeon.
The King of the Devils?
Listen, Buffy. All the killings lately were caused by him. He'll destroy the entire world. He must be stopped!
Is Red Baron his follower?
Could be.
Hmm... Ok! I'll do it! Close your eyes!

Buffy leaps out of the water in the nude, does a couple of flips, and lands fully clothed.

We welcome you, but can you fight?
I've made my body into a weapon.
Where did you learn to do this? You're a priest.
I was. But now I'm a master monk.
We could always use another well-trained fighter!

Buffy joins the team.

We've got a strong ally!
Many Galam soldiers are in the west. We must be careful.

I'll save the next battle for tomorrow or Tuesday. Instead...

It's voting time!

Since we went on a bit of a recruiting spree, it's now time to eliminate four members of the force. The choices are:

Also, I'll give an update on new spells:

Layla learned Dao 2. She's now able to output as much damage as Shaggy.
Vincent learned Bolt 2. He now has a wide-range blast.
Tobias has Heal 3, Blast 3, Boost 2, and Aura 1.
Buffy has Heal 2, Blast 2, Muddle 1, and Boost 1.