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Part 41

It feels like forever since we last set foot into Galam.

Oooh, shiny! Useless, though.

He was running around and crying for somebody to kill him.

Well, at least we know we're headed in the right direction. This ought to be good.

He jumped off the top of the castle, but he didn't die!

Aww, and we missed it. That would've been sweet.

In the Galam Castle treasury, we find a Fairy Powder and some Healing Water.

Well, it's time for us to continue southward.


Yes, sir... I'm sorry.
Once again, my minions have failed me. Are my soldiers that weak?
Yes... oh, no! I mean, they were strong enough. But Nigel and his force were smarter.
No more excuses! This is your last chance. Kill Nigel this time, or I'll kill you!

Bring the Jewel of Evil back to me!
Yes, sir!

Geshp teleports off...

And Odd Eye appears once more.

Of course.
I can't trust Geshp anymore. If he fails, you must battle Nigel.
You want me to kill Nigel? He's probably much stronger now. Hmm, sounds interesting. I'll do it. If this comes to pass, it will be his final battle.

As we head south of Galam, we're interrupted by Geshp yet again.

Finally, you've arrived. It was a mistake to underestimate you. But the game is not over. At the risk of my life, you'll proceed no further!
Geshp is serious. He finally considers us worthy opponents. Nigel, be careful. We mustn't underrate his power.
You're right, Astral! Zeon doesn't truest me, thanks to you! This is my last chance. I can't see him again 'til I bring him your head.

Battle #38: Google: Entire Battle Dailymotion: Part 1, Part 2

Geshp is finally going to face us himself, but we've also got to fight 2 Dark Gunners, 2 White Dragons, a Hellhound, a Cyclops, an Evil Bishop, a Minotaur, a Mist Demon, and a Chaos Wizard. 11 enemies total is suspiciously small for an encounter this late in the game.

Some of the enemies start out extremely close to the starting point - A poor opening move with Vincent or Shaggy could've gotten them killed.

Knox and Layla put the hellhound down. Layla earned level 19 and learned Apollo 2.

Mystery Staves are awesome.

I knew there were too few enemies. Two Burst Rocks appeared next to the party. Notice that they have 0 attack power - that's because they've got a gimmick. They can blow themselves up, injuring anyone nearby - The blast radius is as large as Bolt 2's. The problem is, killing them also makes them explode.

It always cracks me up when Chaos Wizards choose to club me.

Cluny and Vincent smashed the first Burst Rock, but Cluny and Cylon were caught in the blast.

Knox and Darin eliminated the minotaur before it could get at anyone, earning Darin level 18.

Damn, girl! Ashley wrecks the second Burst Rock, and is somehow able to prevent it from blowing up in her face.


Well, it's an opportune moment to test out Apollo 2, at least. Let's have a look, shall we?

BAM, motherfucker! A critical results in no more Mist Demon.

A critical from Tobias puts the Chaos Wizard on his last legs.

Danger, Will Robinson!

Why waste MP when a quick smack upside the wizard's head will do the trick?

A Blast 3 from the Evil Bishop shakes Knox, Darin, and Brock up a bit.

Cherry's able to put large holes into the White Dragon with help from her new gun.

Cylon finished the job.

As much as I hate being attacked, damn if that isn't a cool looking blast.  That's the Buster Shot's attack animation - unfortunately it's weaker than the Grand Cannon 

Another Burst Rock appears.

I love the Gisarme.

The Burst Rock blows up anyway, taking Cylon with it.

Ashley spends her turn patching Cluny up.

While she's not able to get in range to summon, Layla is able to use her Freeze Staff to do some free damage.

Darin finishes the Dark Gunner off, and it drops a Buster Shot.

Shaggy earned level 18 by curbstomping the bishop.

Great, Burst Rocks #4 and 5.

Cluny pulls off yet another instant kill, only to have it blow up in his face again.

Ashley and Layla dispose of Burst Rock #5, earning them both level 20 - Ashley learned Heal 4.

Looking on the bright side, all the explosions let Tobias get some mileage out of Aura.

Brock and Cherry kill Burst Rock #6. It blows up, but at least only Brock is hurt this time.

Holy christ, Nigel has loads of defense.

You're already dead. - Cluny is on a roll!

Welp, he's dead next turn.

Nigel smashes the remaining Dark Gunner.

Oh, well. He more than earned his salt this battle.

Just what I need. Two more Burst Rocks.

Shaggy took care of #7, which blew up injuring himself, Nigel, Cherry, Knox, and Brock.

Ashley topped Nigel off, just in case.

While Tobias undid most of the explosion's other damage, earning level 20.

Darin and Brock smashed rock #8, which blew up hurting them and Knox.

Geshp moved twice in a row, inflicting a critical on Brock and crushing Cherry.

Craaap. I wanted Knox to handle the Cyclops, but it nailed him with a critical.

Oh, that's all I need right now.

Layla killed the final Burst Rock, which blew up injuring herself, Ashley, and Tobias.

Geshp looks to have about 180 HP. Time to change that.

Looks like Geshp has about 50% resistance to magic.

Darin finished off the Cyclops, so it's time for the blow-by-blow vs

Geshp killed Layla before she could be topped off, but thanks to overwhelming attack power, we were able to minimize the losses to just her and Darin.

I'm... at the end of my rope. I... must... escape.

So wounded that he's unable to steer himself, Geshp limps around aimlessly until he comes face to face with Nigel.

Who punts his ass, sending him flying. He lands just in front of Sir Astral.


We don't want to kill you. You've lost your powers.
I know... (sob, sob)...
You may go.
Thank you.

Nigel steps aside to allow Geshp to pass.

Well, I'm sure we all knew this wasn't going to end well for him.

Do you remember your vow? You failed to get the jewel from Nigel. Now, you will pay with your life.
No, please... NO!

In the end, Geshp was shown as much mercy as he showed Cameela.

He will do the same to us if we lose to him.
We must not be defeated.

Next Time: Our last vote.