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Part 42

Not long after Geshp's demise, we arrive back in Yeel, which is where we originally met Shaggy.


Hey, there's Apple.

The guilt is too much to handle. I must die!

Apple threw himself headfirst off the ledge, leaving a crater when he landed.

'Cause suicide is painless. It brings on many changes. And I can take or leave it if I please.

No, Apple cannot die by jumping off a cliff. Apple is an immortal vampire. But, I'm sure the impact didn't feel too good.

Well, if nothing else, it's funny watching him try. Let's check on him, shall we?

Anyway, as we look around town, we find that it's deserted. In fact, most of the folks back in Galam think the place is haunted, and that the only sound that can be heard from it is that of a piano playing at night. Let's take a look:

Surprisingly, Nigel is quite a musician! As he plays, we hear a secret passage opening.

In the back of the town's church, we find a priest that isn't too happy to see us.

I must give the people time to escape!

The Power of Mitula compels you!

He's mistaking us for devils.
What tough devils! My symbol doesn't drive them away!
Excuse me, we're not devils.
I don't believe you!
But we really...

A wizard ascends the stairs, urging the priest to stop.

Quixote, the found the hidden door! I tried to drive them away with this holy symbol, but I failed.
Then, they're not devils.
Nobody but devils ever come to such a dangerous place! They must be devils!
Have you asked them?
How can we explain this? We are from Granseal. We came here to defeat the devils.
Granseal? Really? Alright! This is great news! Are you Sir Astral?
Yes, but... I'm sorry, have we met?
I'm Quixote, a son of Hawel. Do you remember me?
Hawel's son? Oh, Quixote! Yes, of course. Nice to see you again. What are you doing here?
I came back to Yeel to continue my father's work.
Quixote, maybe you can answer some questions?
I'll try. What would you like to know?
Oh, this will be a great help!
You can use the room below.
Thank you very much. I really appreciate this.

As we step below, Sir Astral explains things to Quixote.

Wow! Your story is so complicated. But, from what I understand, Zeon is reviving. And all these disasters were caused by him?
That's right. We have to find out where the Holy Sword is.
I think I've seen it in a book... Yes, I did... but... I don't remember...
It's important...
Please, give me a moment.

Quixote sorts through the bookcase behind him looking for the information we need.

Is that the right one?
Yes! But...
But what?
The most important part is missing. It's been stolen.
Who could've taken it? Oh, we've lost the key.
Not necessarily, Sir Astral. Believe in Nigel. He was chosen by the gods.
Hmmm... Yes, Knox is right. Nigel is our leader! Nigel, we have to find the Holy Sword and the door to the tower. The legends only hint in you, but we believe in you.
Believe in the power of your jewel!
Nigel, would you mind if I went with you?
No, Quixote. You have to continue your work.
I knew you'd say that, but I can't continue my work if Zeon revives. Also, as a historian, I want to see the King of the Devils.
Quixote will just follow us if you don't let him join us.
Knox is right.
(sigh)... OK.
I'm so excited!
This is not a sight-seeing tour, OK?! Let's go, Nigel!

You wouldn't be able to guess it by looking at his spell selection now, but Quixote is the master of Bolt magic - He'll learn both Bolt 3 and 4 sooner than Vincent will if added to the force.

Within the chests in the hidaway, we find some Quick Chicken and a set of Evil Knuckles, which would be the most powerful weapon in the game if they didn't suck.

As we leave, we're stopped by Apple.

Nigel, wait! May I join your force?
You can trust me. I'm a born fighter. As you know, I want to die. I will die fighting for your cause, if you let me.
He's a hero in Galam. I think he should join us. Apple, please come with us. You'll be a great help.
Oh, thank you! I know I can take the King of the Devils!

South of Yeel, we find a Hydra speaking to a group of devils.

All greater devils have been defeated except for Odd Eye. This is a good chance for use to become greater devils! I'm sure Zeon will promote us if we can get the jewel!
Look over there!
They're coming! Excellent! Welcome to your graveyard!

Battle #39:

There are 3 White Dragons, 3 Dark Gunners, 2 Cyclopses , 2 Minotaurs, a Chaos Wizard, a Hellhound, an Evil Bishop, and the Hydra. Filler battle, you know the formula. The only real notable thing about this battle is that the Evil Bishop will drop an Evil Ring and that one of the Minotaurs has a Holy Thunder, which is a one-use damage item.

Battle Results:


Cherry 18 > 19
Darin 19 > 20
Shaggy 18 > 20
Layla 20 > 21
Nigel 21 > 23 - Learned Bolt 3
Cylon 18 > 19
Vincent 19 > 20
Tobias 20 > 21 - Learned Aura 2
Knox 21 > 22



Remember the ruin where Cluny stole the jewels way back at the beginning of the game? Time to visit it again.

Odd, I don't remember that happening the LAST time I was down here with the Jewel of Light.


So basically, if someone had thought to bring a sledgehammer along, we could've had the ultimate weapon for the entire game.

Finally, we've got ourselves a lightsaber!

You got it! All we have to do is find the door to the tower!

The ground shook when we took the sword, which made the pillar fragment move out of the way, making this chest accessable.

Near the great chasm where Granseal once stood, we find something unusual.

Well THAT doesn't look out of place! No, sir!

First things first, we search behind the Devil's Head to find this.

Using the Force Sword causes the statue's mouth to open, revealing a tunnel.

Next Time: A Touching Reunion

But first...

Voting Time:

We've got another two-part vote.

For the first part, we've got to eliminate two final party members. The choices are:

Note that I've equipped both Brock and Apple with a Ground Axe - 3 less attack power than Rune Axes, but +1 movement. Apparently there's a bug with emulation that makes equipping things on Apple an ordeal, so it's not worth risking it to give him both a Rune and Ground axe and switch around in combat.

For the second part of the vote, we need to decide who will get to use the Running Pimentos. Do you want Nigel to control the battlefield with 8 range? Maybe you'd like to make it easier for the monks to take advantage of their attack power? Or maybe you want to either of the fliers to rule the skies with a reach of 9? We've got two of them, and anyone is eligible.