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Part 43

Sorry about not updating last night, I ended up having to redo the fight a few times - The line between victory with a few allies to spare and being utterly fucking decimated is a lot closer than you'd think.

As we step into the gaping maw of the Devil's Head, we find ourselves in a maze. There are two levels of platforms, and due to the slides, it can be difficult to retrace our steps.

After a few minutes of exploration, we find our way to an ominous-looking doorway. As we go through it, we're greeted by...

None other than Odd Eye himself.

Did you forget about me, Nigel and Knox!
Oddler, are you Odd Eye? Zalbard said...
Yes, I am he.
You're the leader of the Devil Army who attacked Bedoe...
Yes I am, Sir Astral.
How do you know me?
Nigel told me about you repeatedly.
What do YOU want?
Don't talk to me like that. I'm very sad.
Sad? You've got to be joking!
Well, yes I am. I'm really quite evil. Don't you think so, Red Baron?
Uhh... (shiver).
Anyway, I came here to deliver an ultimatum. Think long and well before answering me. Leave the jewel, your weapons, and your items here... or DIE!
That means... we don't have to fight him.
True, but we can't take the easy way out. We mustn't give him the jewel.
You know how strong I am. I think you had better accept the offer.

Oh, what should we do?!
We have to fight!
Times up! We need space to battle.

Odd Eye casts a spell, summoning blocks to fill the chasm between him and us.

That's enough out of you! Nigel, let's do it!

Battle #40: Google: Entire Battle Dailymotion: Part 1, Part 2

Well, Odd Eye would make Zatoichi proud. But he's not all we have to deal with. We've also got to contend with 3 Cyclopses, 3 Chaos Warriors, 2 Hydras, 2 Demons, 2 White Dragons, 2 Evil Bishops, 2 Dark Gunners, and a Demon Master.

We start off bunched up in a corner on the far end of the battlefield.

Hell, that's not how I wanted to start things off.

At least she countered the attack.

Not good - several tiles in the center of the battlefield disappeared.

Oh, goddamn it.

Darin stepped up and took the dragon out with a critical, earning himself level 21.

Tobias heals Ashley, and just in time, because...

Demons can cast Bolt 2, much to my dismay.

Brock Shaggy and handle the Demon.

While Cluny assassinates an approaching Cyclops.

Another critical hit from Darin. Not bad at all.

Knox finished the wounded Cyclops off.

Nigel dropped an Aura 2 on those hit by the Demon's Bolt, courtesy of his White Ring.

The third Cyclops tears into Knox.

Another set of tiles falls from the battlefield, this time closer to Odd Eye - He's setting it up so we have to push through all of his minions instead of allowing us to drive directly towards him.

Layla and Ashley finish off the last Cyclops.

Thankfully, Chaos Warriors don't often bother using their Attack spell..

The Chaos Wizard took advantage of Brock's injury, finishing him off.

Another kill for Ashley.

Darin and Cherry tag-team the Chaos Wizard.

They also wound the approaching Hydra, however...

It still survives long enough to get a hit in on Knox.

Quixote finishes it off with a critical Freeze 3.

Er, this looks like a job for Heal 4.

It eats an assload of MP, but it sure can be worth it.

Knox finished the Bishop off - it dropped a Fairy Tear.

Bad touch! Bad touch!


Layla introduced the Chaos Warrior to Apollo, earning level 22 and learning Neptun.

One fewer cannon to worry about - Cherry earned level 21

Damn it, there goes Heal 4 Ashley.

If nothing else, the Dark Gunner's move allowed Quixote to hit a second target with Freeze 3.

Well, shit. Odd Eye is on the move.

Wait, what? His eyes are useless for vision, but they can still shoot lasers?! No fair!

Cluny cut down the last Chaos Wizard, earning level 22.

God DAMN it.

Well, there goes the last Dark Gunner. Tobias earned level 22.

A swing and a miss!

Knox was just barely able to finish off the Demon Master, earning level 23.

Odd Eye has 200 HP.

Oh, and he's about 25% magic-resistant.

Not as much damage as I would've hoped.

Well, Brock's as good as dead.

Hooray for the Gisarme!

Hahaha. What's the matter, Odd Eye? What are you, blind?

I move Darin up a little bit to wound the Evil Bishop. Hopefully Brock will as bait for long enough to get some more kills in.

I guess not. Whoops!

Hell, yes! The White Dragon blew its chance to finish Darin off.

Since she can't reach anyone else, I have Layla chip away at Odd Eye a bit.

Not good. Darin is finished off by the Demon's Bolt 2.

Knox ensures that there will be no healing from the enemy side.

Shit, she's not going to live much longer.

I gave Quixote the Evil Ring to hold him over until he learns Bolt 2 - he hits the White Dragon and Demon with it, which earns him level 20. He learned Bolt 1.

Well, I saw that coming. But Odd Eye didn't.

Thankfully, Cluny is able to kill the Chaos Warrior. He earned level 23.

Shaggy brings Odd Eye down to 99 HP. He earned level 21 and learned the spell Atlas.

If nothing else, I intend for her to die fighting.

Nigel finished the Demon off.

While Layla killed off the last White Dragon. Now it's down to just us and Odd-Eye.

Odd Eye is able to kill Tobias and Layla, but there were just too many of us for him to stand against. Nigel struck the finishing blow, earning level 24.

Odd Eye's wounds are mortal. He's too weakened to even stand.

It doesn't seem that Nigel's too convinced by Odd Eye's sudden change of heart.

Your friends are very good. I knew that when I was traveling with you. Yes, it was interesting... I miss that time.
Odd Eye... no, Oddler! Did you...?
No, Knox. I did my best. You were just better than me.

I wouldn't have had to fight if I never had gotten my memory back. It's funny, fighting was everything to me.
Oddler, please don't die!
Thank you, Knox. I learned a lot from you. Oh, the pain! Let me say good-bye. If possible, I want to relive my life... not as a devil... next time...

Having taken his last breath, Odd Eye's corpse turns to dust in the wind...

Oddler had a pure spirit... I'll miss him.
Don't cry for him now. This is Zeon's doing. We shall go onward and remember Oddler in our hearts.

Next Time: Ascending the Tower of the Ancients