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Part 44

The path behind Odd Eye lead to the entrance of Ground Seal.

Looks like the rumors of Creed's death have been greatly exaggerated.

Creed... I mean, Mr...
That's OK, Knox. I doubted you'd ever make it here. The enemies you've faced so far were strong.

Why am I here? Is that your question, Nigel? I wanted to help you. There is no church around here. Think of me as a priest. Now, what can I do for you?

Creed, a priest? Well, that's a stretch. Still, it's damn handy that he's here - I wouldn't want to have to run back to Yeel to revive my fallen allies.

Anyway, it's time to climb the tower.

Predictably, as soon as we set foot outside, we're discovered by some of the the remaining demons.

Impossible! He was defeated? Inconceivable! But... OK, I'll stop you here. You shall die now.

Battle #41: Final Filler

Guarding the tower are 5 Hydras, 4 Demons, 4 Chaos Warriors, 3 Demon Masters, 2 Chaos Dragons, a Blue Shaman, and a Reaper.

Really, the only reason this battle is here is so there aren't three major boss encounters back-to-back. In the interest of getting another update done today, I'll just skip to the results.

Battle Results:


Ashley 22 > 24
Quixote 20 > 25 - Learned Dispel & Bolt 2
Cherry 21 > 22
Layla 22 > 23
Apple 19 > 20
Knox 23 > 24
Tobias 22 > 24
Shaggy 21 > 22
Brock 19 > 20
Cluny 23 > 24
Darin 22 > 23
Nigel 24 > 25



The only reason why I took so many casualties is because I took things slow in order to feed kills to Quixote - I want him to have Bolt 3 ASAP.

Since I was asked, here's what Atlas looks like:

Countless giant fists shower down on the target(s). It actually looks kind of silly, but the second level of it is pure awesome.

As we make our way into the tower, we eventually come to a familiar-looking door.

Next time: Two Kings