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Part 47

Nigel was awoken by a conversation just outside of his house. It seems that today's the day that everyone's been waiting for. Strangely enough, We're back in Old Granseal, though no explanation is given as to why it's resurfaced.

Inside the castle, we find a number of our old friends gathered. It looks like they're talking amongst themselves while waiting for someone.

Hi, Nigel! I'm serving Volcanon again. I got an invitation to a wedding party. Who's getting married?
Sir Astral invited Knox and I. It's hard to believe there was ever a threat of evil!
Granseal is beautiful! Ron told me about it, but it's better than I pictured!
Nigel, how are you? I received an invitation for today's festivities. I'm happy to say that everyone looks well.
Two years... since that battle... I hope Apple is OK.
King Pacalon asked me to say hello to you. He should see this beautiful castle.
Hello, Nigel. You look good! The Caravan is working well! I found some more ruins! Ha, ha, ha!
Grizzle is crazy, but he's the greatest! He's living his dream of continuous adventure. Nigel, will you join us?


Alright, looks like we've got to find Sir Astral.

Our original classmates (and Shaggy) have gathered within Sir Astral's school. They're discussing who is going to get to kiss Princess Elis.

She's no longer poisoned, but she's still asleep. And Sir Astral called us here! Who's going to kiss her?
I will do anything for Princess Elis!! I hope Sir Astral chooses me!
I don't think it's going to be me 'cause I'm a centaur. Who will it be? Does Dir Astral know?
I know somebody must kiss her... Who will it be? What will I do if it's...?

What's the hold-up? Let's head on over.

Now, let's go see the King!

Please explain what is happening.
Yes, sir. Listen up! It took two years, but the Princess finally recovered from the poison. But she's still sleeping. We've decided to take Mitula's advice.
Mitula... you mean, somebody gets to kiss her?
Yes. We feel this is the right time.
And we need to decide which one of you will kiss Elis.
We don't have to decide. It's Nigel. Harvey, don't you agree?
Ha, ha! Yes, Knox! I always thought Nigel was the best choice!
Are you dure? Anybody disagree? Nobody?
I understand what my friends are saying, but... I love her. May I kiss her? Somebody, say yes!
Sorry, but... I don't think Samwise is the right choice.
I understand Samwise, but she is a human. A human is the best choice.
Nigel is a human! They will make a cute couple!
Nigel is a good lad with the manner of a knight! I think he's the best choice.
Ashley, what do you think?
M... me? Well... I'm worried about her... but... I... Yes, a good choice... Nigel will make her... happy...

Ashley runs out, shoving her way past Ron.

Neither did I!

Stop! I will go and comfort her.
Shaggy! I'll go with you!
Oh, c'mon. She needs someone like me.

Shaggy's going to get some tonight, I'm sure. He takes off after Ashley.

They remind me of when I was young.
Grizzle, you were young once?

Be quiet, you bucket of bolts!

Shaggy will take care of Ashley. Everything went as you expected, huh?
You knew that? Harvey, you're smart. But I didn't know what Ashley or Samwise would do. I didn't want to hurt their feelings. Nigel, I choose you.
Now, Nigel. Please go awaken her. The Minister is waiting for you.
Oh, Nigel! I really respect you.

As we make our way to Elis's chambers, the Minister stops us.

You shouldered quite a burden for the kingdom. I'll be happy if you rule this kingdom with Princess Elis! Nigel, please kiss her!

Here's a video of the game's ending: Google and Dailymotion.

Nigel closes in on the sleeping Princess, leans over her, and...

Not pictured: Nigel cops a feel.

Sometime later:

Nigel escorts Princess Elis down to Sir Astral and the King.

As the rest of Nigel's friends join them, the screen fades to black. Now that Nigel's tale has come to a close, we return to the witch we encountered at the beginning of the game.

Thanks to you, I can escape from this forest! Are you really that surprised?

A sudden flash of light blinds us and...

We find ourselves before the Goddess Mitula.

Someday we'll meet again. I'll never forget you...

She vanishes, leaving behind only the two jewels she was holding. They slowly fall to the ground...

It's been a real pleasure running this Let's Play, and I have to thank everyone that's followed it. However...

I'm not finished just yet. I'll stop for now with a preview of what's to come:

The Secret Battle:

Gee, does the map remind you of anything?

This hidden battle puts you up against most of the bosses of the game in one epic final confrontation. Let's review, shall we? Dark Smoke, The Chessboard King, Willard, Zalbard, Cameela, The Red Baron, Geshp, Odd Eye, King Galam, and Zeon. Oh, and two Prism Flowers for good measure.

Wait a minute... Something's not right here... But what could it be?