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by Random Hajile

Part 7

And now we rejoin our intrepid hero, having been knocked senseless and tossed into prison...

His vision still recovering, Nigel overhears a conversation while recovering consciousness.

But it's true. I'm a scholar. I'm here because I tried to stop him.
I'm a leader of the Galam Army. I disagreed with the war and now I'm here. What did your kingdom do to Galam? What is the reason for this war?
What about Sir Hawel? He was killed by Galam! What did Galam want? What is Ground Seal?
Ground seal... do you know what Ground Seal is?
What is ground Seal? Please tell me!
I heard King Galam say those words. I just know that something is being concealed.

My thoughts exactly. But at least we can see again.

Nigel! You finally woke up! We're talking about Ground Seal. Please, join in.

Before we do, we search the table to find...

I'm actually not sure if these do anything. I've heard that equipping them makes their user a more attractive target for enemies, but I've never noticed it. They can also be used to give Nigel or Cluny the spell "Higins." However, the existence of the spell is a glitch and it doesn't do anything but waste 3MP.

Moving on...

Somebody broke the sacred seal?
We're not sure. It seems that somebody stole the two jewels.

Ah, the one responsible for the whole mess.

Oh, you woke up! Are you OK?
Where...? I... why am I...?
This is a jail in the basement of Galam Castle. Say, you mustn't move yet!
Yes, I remember! I was caught by Galam soldiers. The took my jewels and brought me here! They... they killed my friends!

Cluny trips and lands face-down.

Stay here for a while. You need to rest.

Not much of an attention span. "Hey, the ratman collapsed. Hey, what were we talking about? Hey, let's go ride bikes!"

Oh, yes. Why is King Galam interested in Ground Seal?
Is it related to the opened door?
Does he want the jewels?
The man that broke the seal is to blame for everything!
Oh, no!
Are you OK? You know something?
Uhh... nope!
We can't stay here! We must escape!
I know, but how can we open that locked door? Oh, Galam is invading Granseal while we're sitting here!

Springing to his feet, Cluny is determined to make himself useful.

Oh, yes! You're a thief and you can open locked doors.
Yes, of course! I'm the great thief, Cluny!

I'd honestly be surprised if this little gem hasn't been used in SFII slash fanfic by now.

Nigel's well-oiled muscles glisten in the candlelight... "Oh, Cluny... My keyhole is yours to open..."

He comes over to Nigel's cell and opens it as well.

OK, it's done. Hurry to your country and save them!
Thank you! Nigel, let's get back to Granseal!
Why are you being so nice to us? You don't know us.

A surprisingly apt question. Thieves aren't generally known for their concern for others.

Ah, that's because... well...

I... ah...
You are! Hey, you! Do you know what you've done?

Ashley hits Cluny.

Understatement of the year, folks.

She hits Cluny again, sending him flying into the wall and knocking him over.

I know the thief Cluny always steals for poor people, but you made a serious mistake this time! All these disasters... everything is YOUR fault!
I didn't mean to...
That's enough. Nigel, let's go!

We leave the thief crumpled over in the corner where Ashley savagely beat him. However, as we approach the staircase leading out...

You'll be captured if you go that way. I know this castle very well. I know a short cut.

Since the game won't let us use the staircase, the secret passage is our only way out. As we prepare to jump in...

But, I didn't know all this would happen. Please take me with you.

Since there might be more doors that need unlocking, Nigel lets Cluny tag along. He does not join the as a combatant yet, however.

This tunnel leads to the kitchen. We can escape safely.

As we jump into a tunnel, inspecting the wall to the north reveals:

Mithril #3!

Looks like Cluny was telling the truth, we find our way into the kitchen.

Just north of the castle's exit, we come across King Galam addressing his troops...

We're too late!
As you may know, my messenger was killed! Granseal must have done this. So we're invading them to retaliate!

The troops find his reasoning to be a bit shaky...

Quiet! Everybody listen to me! I also don't understand this march! But, King Galam must have a good reason! I believe the King! How about you? Anyone disagree? No? Good!

Letting someone else do all the thinking for you is awesome!

Well done, Apple.
King Galam, victory is ours!
Guards! Open the gate! Lower the bridge! Apple, prove your allegiance.
What do you mean?
Show no mercy!
My Lord...

King Galam and Apple leave with the troops.

So, what should we do? Are you still going to Granseal?
You're serious? Do you think you can stop the war? I will leave you once I'm outside the gate!

Truly, an inspiring display of integrity.

Heading towards the exit, we quickly find that King Galam didn't leave with all of his troops:

Because you captured that rat?
Yes. I presented them to King Galam. He was so kind to give me one of the pair, the Jewel of Light!

Well, we've been discovered, bringing us to...

Battle #5:

Barring our escape are 3 Galam Soldiers, 3 Galam Archers, 2 Galam Mages, and a Galam Knight.

First blood goes to the enemy: A Galam Archer made a beeline for Nigel.

Samwise injures the archer, but...

Two soldiers go after him and Ron.

Ron and Shaggy take out the first of the soldiers.

And Nigel gets rid of the archer.

The good thing about injuries is that it gets Ashley more EXP when she heal-spams.

Samwise injures the second soldier, allowing Shaggy to finish it off.

I have no idea why the mage hit me instead of casting Blaze, but he packs a decent punch anyway.

Ron and Nigel easily carve up the mage.

As I advance, the Galam Knight takes advantage of an opening in my formation to go after Shaggy.


Nigel is popular with the archers today...

Oh, crap.

The Knight got another turn before Ashley or Nigel did, so this was the result.

Ron goes after the archer...

Hell yes! A critical hit and a second attack. Ron earns level 7 for his efforts.

While Nigel gets rid of the Knight, ending the battle. There were a couple enemies left, but the Knight counted as their leader.

Hee, hee! You expect a thief to stay in jail? Give me the jewels.

Yes! I found one!
Where is the other jewel?
K... King Galam... took it into battle. Take the jewel. You won't have it long. We'll get it back!

The Galam Knight spontaneously combusts!

This is the Jewel of Light that I stole from the shrine. The other jewel is missing. I'll give you this one now.

Er, that's one strange fashion statement...

Nigel, did you use magic? Umm... I can't remove it! Is it cursed? We'll go to the church later to see if it's cursed. At least we have it now. The knight said that King Galam took the other jewel with him. Nigel, I'll go to Granseal with you. I have an obligation to find the other jewel!

Having a change of heart, Cluny finally joins us, hoping to take responsibility for what he's done.