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Part 10: Manarina: The City of Magic!

Manarina: The city of Magic!

Time for some exploration!

Ahahahaha. Whipped.

I'm sure this'll come in handy later.

Anri apparently doesn't believe me. How could you not trust this face?

But she apparently listens to weird gilldog-men.

She wants to be alone... But where's the harm in doing the exact opposite?

This is Arthur. He'll be joining soon enough.

Hey, that's the spirit!

Since you need to...

And now Gillian is a chicken. And a hen, no less. Great.

That's fucking retarded.

This guy only lets "cute animals" past. Since Gillian is now a female chicken...

Thankfully, this mage changes us back before Gillian lays an egg.


Alright, now back by where we first met Anri, we find this guy...

One more member and we'll have ourselves a full team.

Time for our sixth battle!

New enemy type:


Our foes: 5 Giant Bats, 4 Dark Mages, 3 Zombies, 2 Snipers, and a Skeleton.

This is our newest member, Anri:

She knows Blaze, but eventually becomes rather frigid.

This is our starting formation. No, those zombies haven't moved yet, they start that close to us.

I'll lead off with Gillian and play cleanup with the ranged characters.

One down.

And a kill for Anri.

So kind of them to bunch up for me.

HP 2, MP 1

Gort cleans up the zombie.

Then Khris heals Gillian.

Who eliminates the mage.

I can't, I won't, and I don't stop.


Unfortunately, the bats went after Tao, blocking off the bridge.

Gillian moves out of the way and give Tao some room in order to step back and fire.

Gong cleans up and opens the way.

While Mae was doing just fine on her own.

Until she fell asleep, anyway.

Anri wounds a bat and gets a level up for her trouble. Attack 1, MP 6.

Since Ken is at 98 EXP, I poke at a bat instead of killing one.

Attack 1, Speed 1, HP 2.

Khris heals Anri before she keels over.

Defense 1, Speed 1.

Gong takes out the last bat...

Since the remaining Dark Mages are formed up so neatly, I'll let Tao blow her hot load first again.

I don't think this will ever get old.
26 total damage.

If only Anri also had Blaze 2. Oh, well.

Mae takes out #2.

While Gong gets the final one.

Do Skeletons burn well? We're about to find out!

Not especially, but still worthwhile.

Speed 2.

Anri gets the final kill.

Defense 1, Speed 2, HP 3, and she learned Freeze.

Sure, but first...

Hell, yes. That's a really nice ring.

Alright, then...

Now, back to Manarina.

As we approach the wall...

It senses the Orb of Light and bursts open.

Damn straight.

Well, we kind of already knew all that.

It'd be a lot easier if there were any boats available, you know.

Before we head back to Rindo...


Well, we already cleared the desert, so it's just a quick trip back.

Let's try the mayor again.

The sooner I get out of this town, the better, I say.

Simple enough.

That is strange.

Next time: The Lamest Show on Earth!