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Part 12: Battle #8

Since our ride out of Rindo burned down, we head Northwards, to Shade Abbey.

Just inside, we find a birdwoman named Amon. She wants us to help someone but fails to mention what the problem is.

Moving on...

The people of Shade Abbey are acting really weird.

As you explore, the people you find follow you back into the main room, blocking off hallways.

After we speak with a priest that's near a zombie, the woman blocking the exit has left...

Somebody's been digging up all the graves.

This guy has the right idea.

As we enter the Chapel, we're followed by all of the residents of Shade Abbey.

A statue of a birdman?

Approach it and...

The priest was Darksol in disguise! He's turned the residents into the undead!

But he can't be bothered to stick around to make sure the job's done right, either.

In addition to 3 skeletons and 6 zombies, we've got a new enemy type.

A ghoul!

Though there aren't as many enemies as some of the previous battles, but they're all fairly strong and this battlefield is extremely small. The enemies are all in range to begin attacking immediately.

I'll be attempting to block off pathways with my characters in order to keep us from getting swarmed.

Attack 1, HP 2.

The first kill goes to Anri. A skeleton goes down.

Ken 7: Attack 1, Speed 1.

Gort finishes off a zombie.

This might well get Arthur killed, but that's just fine.

Zombies: Masters of evasion!

Setting the undead on fire is fun and useful!

Ken moves to block this zombie from getting at our weaker members.

We'll be thinning their numbers fairly quickly from this point.

Skeletons hit hard, so Gillian needs to be patched up.

Hey, Arthur didn't die!

Another one gone

Another one down

Another one bites the dust.

Attack 1, Speed 1.

Great job, Decoy!

That's one hit away from death in this fight: Skeletons hit Gillian for 8-9.

Gillian takes another hit and needs healing again. This isn't neccesarily a bad thing, Khris needs the EXP.

Gort starts beating on the Ghoul.

Or he would have if it didn't dodge, anyway.

Since Zombie-types are strong against freeze, I just use Blaze instead.

2 MP

Attack 1, Defense 2.

Arthur gets another kill!

And Gillian finishes off the last Skeleton.

Attack 1

Attack 2, Defense 1, Speed 1, MP 2, and she learned Heal level 2!

I let Gong finish off the Ghoul.

Defense 2, HP 3, MP 2.

Victory #8!

He obviously didn't do a good job of it if you could still talk.

After the battle, both Balbaroy and Amon join us. They're our first flying units.


I'll be doing a quick update covering Bustoke itself, but now that I've reached the maximum size of my force, I'll slow down a bit to allow votes on who to give the boot. The voting is not open yet, I'll say when it is.