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Part 14: Battle #9

Tao gets half-naked in this update!

It looks like people want to leave Lowe, Hans, and Amon behind. However, I'll wait until my first update tomorrow before I write them off completely.

As we enter the quarry...

Our enemies found a laser cannon, great.

How evil.

In the flesh!

Our new enemies are:

Dark Priests

Dark Elves


And the boss, the Master Mage.

Overall, we've got to contend with 6 Skeletons, 4 Dark Priests, 2 Dark Mages, 2 Dark Elves, a Lizardman, and the Master Mage.

To start with, we've got nowhere to go but South.

Attack 1, Speed 1, HP 1.

The first kill goes to Balbaroy.

Since my three centaurs have spears (as opposed to lances), it's sort of like having four archers at this point in the game. True archers eventually get longer reach, but it'll be a while before we get the weapons that enable it.

Mae swung twice and killed the skeleton.

Some of my physical attackers can kill Dark Mages in one hit by this point.

Ken in particular is currently tied with Gillian as my biggest hitter. And consider that Gillian is using a Power Ring, though Ken has been able to grab an awesome new weapon. Gillian's still using the Middle Sword that he started with.

Defense 1, Speed 1, HP 3.

Balbaroy takes advantage of his mobility to charge one of the Dark Elves.

While Mae goes after a Dark Priest.

Dark Elves pack a punch. Especially considering Gort has the second highest Defense on my team (Mae has the highest).

Arthur sacrifices his life to finish off the first Dark Priest.

It was worth it!

Anri cripples a Dark Elf.

Khris patches Gort up a bit.

While Balbaroy finishes off the first Dark Elf.

Defense 1, HP 2.

It's time to start on the last enemy archer.

Defense 3, Speed 2. Jeez, she gets tons of defense.

Her and Ken are opposites in that regard. Ken HP tanks, she resists physical damage. She is more efficient vs. physical attackers, but Ken is better against enemy mages, who ignore defense.

Anri finishes off a skeleton.

Ah, enemy formations. What would I do without you?

Speed 4, HP 1, MP 2, and she learned "Sleep."

Unfortunately, enemy priests love to heal their wounded allies.

So it's my first priority to put a stop to it.

Which isn't too hard since the priests themselves are still wounded.


Tao ducks behind cover and re-injures the Skeleton now that the priests aren't around to interfere.

And Anri finishes it off.

Attack 1, Defense 1, Speed 1, HP 1, MP 4, and she learned Blaze 2. That's one hell of a level up. And now I've got two group-nukers!

I let Diane finish off the last Dark Elf.

That'll do.

No more Dark Mages to deal with now.

I'm still surprised she didn't die.

After Luke finishes this skeleton off, the path to the last group of enemies is cleared.

We don't need no water.

Let the motherfuckers burn.

This little assault got Anri killed, but it was well-worth it.

Balbaroy begins cleaning up from an angle only he has access to. I could kill the Master Mage first and the fight would end with his death, but that'd be a waste of perfectly good EXP.

Gort takes out the final Dark Priest.

Attack 2, Defense 1, Speed 1, HP 3.

Diane picks off the final Skeleton.

And Luke goes after the Lizardman.

Defense 1, HP 4.

The Master Mage blasts Gort and Tao with a Freeze 2, killing Tao with a critical.

I let Diane pick away a bit at the Master Mage, who appears to be regenerating. Not like it'll do him any good once I get done with the Lizardman.

Attack 3. See? I told you she has better growth than Hans.

Balbaroy will wound the mage a bit, as well. You can't really see him well as he's hiding inside the cave.

Healer kill!

Speed 1, HP 1, MP 3.

I let Khris finish off the Master Mage, too. I really need to start bringing her level up, and if I don't start now, it'll become a huge ordeal when she can only hit for 1 damage.

You may have the Laser Eye...

But I have the Sexy Lingerie!

Oh, and a Moon Stone, too.

But back to the lingerie...

Show us some pixelated 16-bit skin, girl!

We can see that the men have returned to town.

Going back to the alchemist...

He keeps to his word and makes us medicine for Zylo.

Well, he's rather irritable.

I hold him down and pour the Lunar Dew down his throat.

We have a bad-ass new fighter. Seriously, Zylo is pretty awesome.

We also find an inventor below one of the houses. He's working on a flying machine!

He flies off-screen and crashes horribly.

Alright, I'm done here. Time to move on to the next town, but I doubt the Runefaust army's just going to let me head there...

For the next update: I need to kick four members out of the force. So far, it looks like you want me to leave Lowe, Hans, and Amon, but with enough votes, that can still change (this time only, for future updates, people voted out won't be put back in).

So, if you've already voted, feel free to choose a fourth to remove. If not, go ahead and choose your four least favorite.