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by Random Hajile

Part 15: Battle #10


Besides, if you get really, REALLY desperate, Arthur has an awesome secondary ability - he can cast level 1 bolt, freeze and blaze! Well... you'd have to be really, really desperate, but the ability does come in handy once or twice. Sometimes.

Well, Bolt 1 is nice because it hits an area, unlike the other level 1 attack spells. It won't exactly do huge damage later on, but it'll let him soften up enemy groups a bit for the EXP without killing them.

Update time!

Just outside of Bustoke, we're ambushed by an enemy unit.

Our new enemy type this mission is:

Pegasus Knights

Pegasus Knights are a lot like flying pinatas that drop tasty EXP when you hit them, making this a nice levelling map.

5 Skeletons, 4 Pegasus Knights, 2 Dark Elves, 2 Dark Priests, and 2 Lizardmen.

The terrain is also really lousy during this battle, which gives Zylo a chance to shine.

Gort swings twice and kills the first Skeleton.

Now that's what I'm talking about!

Diane takes out the first Dark Elf.

Here's something I didn't show you before:

Use the power ring as an item and...



There is a drawback, however. While certain rings and weapons can be used as items for special effects, doing so has a risk of cracking them. Cracked items are still usable, but continuing to do use their special effects risks destroying them completely. Cracked items can be repaired at shops, though.

Arthur takes out a skeleton.

Attack 1, Speed 2, HP 1, MP 1.

...Wait, a knight gaining MP?

That's right, Arthur is unique. Due to his time in Manarina, Arthur eventually gains a few spells, and is the only centaur to do so.

Khris kills another of the skeletons.

While Mae starts on the last Dark Elf.

And Arthur finishes it.

Gillian crushes the final skeleton.

Diane puts a hurting on the Dark Priest.

Diane 8: Defense 1, Speed 1, HP 1.

Zylo spends his last turn with the +15 Attack killing a lizardman in one shot.

And Gillian finishes the Dark Priest.

Since the Pegasus Knights have begun attacking, it's time to hit them and see what falls out.

HP 2.

You may be wondering why Zylo's away from the rest of the force way the hell up here.

Simple, I'm letting him go off on his own to kill the last Lizardman and Dark Priest, simply because he can.

I haven't forgotten about Gong.

Attack 2 and he learned Heal level 2.

Diane did take a hit from a Pegasus knight, so Khris heals her back up.

Attack 1, Speed 1, HP 2.


Speed 1, HP 4

Back to the main force...

Attack 2.

The last Pegasus knight falls to Arthur.

Zylo took a couple of hard hits (The lizardman hits him for 9), but comes out on top.

He acts again before the Dark Priest does, and...


I did abuse a save state to undo the killing blow so I could Egress and level a bit more on this map, but I won't bore you with the details.

Next update: Lasers, in my fantasy? It's more likely than you think!