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Part 16: Battle #11: The Secret Weapon Unleashed!

Battle #11: The Secret Weapon Unleashed!

What's all this, then?

It seems like a mercenary in the employ of Runefaust is determined to stick it to the Man!

Which doesn't seem to be good for his well-being.

He gets knocked off the cliff.

This is the infamous Laser Eye:

It warms up while counting down from 10.

Being on the bridge when it finishes its countdown is rather hazardous to your health / Backup (video!).

Also new to this battle are Silver Knights.

Overall, we've got 5 Lizardmen, 3 Pegasus Knights, 3 Dark Elves, 2 Dark Priests, 2 Silver Knights, and the Laser Eye.

The Silver Knight that shoved the dissenter off the cliff is the boss, and if we were using the birdmen, we could simply use them to take him out to end the mission. But we won't be having that.

No, we're doing things the hard way. No safely waiting for the first blast to go off. No ducking out of the target area. Just one glorious suicide charge. Why? Because we're fucking metal.

Ken starts things off vs. the first Lizardman in our way. We need to kill quickly.

Zylo finishes it off.

Attack 4, Speed 1.

Zylo also goes after a Pegasus Knight.

The enemy has set up a bit of a blockade. Things look bleak.

Arthur finishes the first of the Pegasus Knights in our way.

Defense 2, HP 4. His growth seems to be picking up a bit.

Leaving the Pegasus Knight that's not in our way, Zylo goes after one that is.

Cleanup on aisle 2!

Mae finishes off the Lizardman.

Anri starts on the Dark Priest.

Ken gets rid of it.

Uh-oh. (Note: the Laser Eye doesn't actually fire now, it does on its next turn)

Tao finishes off the final Pegasus Knight.

While Khris pulls off some last-second healing.

Zylo and Mae quickly punch a hole through the last barrier between us and the Laser Eye.

Speed 1, HP 2.

Ken and Arthur take out the other.

But we are too late

Miraculously, our only casualty is Mae, who was down to 13 HP due to some Lizardmen. She took 13 points of damage. Everyone else took quite a beating but survived.

One Silver Knight down.

Attack 3, Speed 1.

And now it's time to take down one very annoying laser cannon.

The countdown has begun again. It is at 9.

Gong patches Gillian up.

No sense in allowing the Dark Priest to heal the cannon.

A weakened Zylo falls to a Dark Elf.

The countdown is at 7.

This is personal.

Anri takes out a Dark Elf back on the bridge.

And the Laser Eye is done for!

HP 2, MP 1.

A Lizardman crushes a battered Luke.

While Arthur finishes off the Dark Elf that killed Zylo.

Gort swings twice and eliminates the Dark Priest.

Gong brings Arthur back from the edge.

Ken destroys the final Dark Elf.

Arthur kills the final Lizardman. It's just the last Silver Knight, now.

But first...

More lingerie!

The Kitui Huku is for Anri.

Back to the action...


Sore loser.

After he dies:

The mercenary managed to survive!

We've got ourselves a new Knight, Pelle!

I'll have a quick update for the town of Pao ready soon. We're going to wait on voting, as we've got several more members coming then.