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Part 18: Battle #12: Elliott

Now that Pao has packed up and left, there's not much reason for us to stick around the campsite.

However, just outside of town we're ambushed by a force led by General Elliott!

Jeez, you'd think that after going to the the trouble to meet with me, he'd at least wait a little while before hunting me down.

Time for us to debunk a rumor, then!

We've also got another new enemy type:

The enemy force consists of 5 Lizardmen, 4 Pegasus Knights, 4 Silver Knights, 3 Dark Priests, an Artillery, and General Elliott.

The lizardman in the middle, however, has a Heat Axe. Its attack power is tons better than anything else available at this stage of the game (+22, the best we have are +15 Power Spears), and as long as the person killing the lizardman has room in his inventory, it can be taken by us. It also has another function, but I'll get to that later on.

At first, there's not much to do but head East. The enemy is across the plains from us.

Thankfully, some of the enemy unit breaks formation and comes to meet us halfway.

I let Mae and Gillian head in first, since I know they can both survive a turn even if attacked by the brunt of the enemy force.

The first kill goes to Pelle.

Attack 2

Arthur's defense still needs work, but he's far more survivable than he used to be. Khris patches him up.

It's that time again!

Arthur finishes off a Lizardman.

Attack 2, Speed 1, MP 1.

Tao blasts what's left of the group Anri nuked. Since Lizardmen are strong against fire, this doesn't kill them, but close enough.

HP 2

Kokichi moves in to start cleaning up.

Unfortunately, a Pegasus Knight finishes off Anri before a healer can get to her, but that's the cost of playing around in order to let our new members get prime kills.

Defense 4, HP 3.

Khris takes out one of the Lizardmen as well. Now only the one with the Heat Axe is still alive.

Speed 1, MP 1.

It's like Christmas in April! Unfortunately, Gort will be unable to equip the Heat Axe until he's promoted, but at least we know he has one waiting for him now.

Kokichi takes out a Pegasus Knight. Only one to go now!

HP 4.

Diane takes out an incoming Silver Knight with a critical attack!

Defense 1, HP 3.

Gong heals Kokichi back up.

Attack 4.

And Khris looks after Gillian.

Pelle finishes off the last of the Pegasus Knights.

Defense 1, HP 3.

I forgot to grab a screenshot, but it was touchingly pathetic watching 3 Silver Knights try to hurt Gort. Even with a critical attack they could only take 1 HP off him at a time.

Since I haven't tried Sleep out yet, I might as well now.

Well that's just great.

Zylo softens up a Silver Knight.

Defense 3, Speed 1.

Yet another kill for Kokichi.

And another!

Attack 1, Speed 2.

Alright, time to start on Elliott's entourage.

Arthur finishes off the Dark Priest.

Who's strongest now, motherfucker?

One final kill for Pelle this battle.

Attack 2, Speed 2.

Myth busted!

You know, you could've done it if you weren't a spineless coward.

Guardiana... Protectora... I think I'm seeing a pattern here. So, where's Defenderopolis?

Great! Now we don't have to spend all of 30 seconds walking back to the west.

Now that Pao has set up camp again, there's more stuff for us to loot. We find an Elven Arrow and a Steel Sword. Unfortunately, Gillian can't use the Steel Sword yet, but Diane can make use of the Elven Arrow. It adds another 5 to her Attack rating.

Hmm, looks like someone scared the sheep out of their pen!

It's Guntz! He finally joins up! I avoid inquiring as to what exactly he was doing with the sheep. Our Shining Force has a strict "don't ask, don't tell" policy.

We also find a man with an incubator. Say, didn't we find an egg before?

Sure, why not?

Yeah... What IS that thing?

It talks!

So now we have a flying jellyfish named Domingo. Somehow, I don't think there could possibly be a better name for him.

It's voting time again!

Time to choose another two characters to put on the sidelines. I'm also going to start editing this information into my original post in order to encourage new readers to vote.

Previously Eliminated:

Choose from:

Don't let Domingo's low level fool you. He joins up pre-upgraded, and he levels like mad to boot. Once you get him going, he quickly becomes pretty damned powerful, and a flying spellcaster is very nice to have.