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Part 21: Battle #15

After a week at sea, sentries spotted a horde of monsters approaching the ship...

We've got a couple of new enemies...



4 Seabats, 3 Pegasus Knights, 3 Conch, 2 Shellfish. This battle is laughably easy.

For the most part, we'll have to get into position and wait for the enemies to come to us this battle. Preferably to the south, so it doesn't take forever.

The first kill goes to Arthur, who kills a Conch in one shot.

I might as well explain the secondary use of Heat Axes now. Use them as an item and...

That's right, Gort can effectively cast Blaze 2 as long as he has it.

Gillian serves up a Shellfish.

As does Kokichi.

Domingo freezes a couple seabats.

While Gillian kills one in a single strike on the other side of the ship.

Arthur eliminates the Pegasus Knight next to it.

While Tao could kill two seabats here, it'd be a waste of EXP. I have her take only one, instead.

Pelle finishes off the one that Tao didn't.

A Pegasus Knight falls to Zylo.

Gillian finishes off the last one.

Anri kills the last seabat.

Only one conch to go, but first we search the ship and find...

Another Moon Stone? Useless item #2 discovered!

Gort finishes off the last of the enemy.

It certainly doesn't look it. Hell, the enemy could barely damage us, let alone the ship.

Oh, hey. A mermaid.

She immediately makes herself useful and leads us into port.

Waral is a strange place.

Most of the men are thundering fatasses,

You need a raft to explore parts of town,

And the king runs both the item and weapon shops. when you approach the empty counter on either side of the building, he races to meet you from his throne in the center.

At least the locals are friendly.

Inside the chests in town, we find a Medical Herb, a Bread of Life, a Defense Potion, a Shower of Cure, and a Mobility Ring! The ring goes to Guntz, making him tons more useful.

New for sale are Steel Lances and Battleaxes. Battleaxes aren't as good as Heat Axes, though Steel Lances pack a bit more of a punch than Power Spears. It's worth it to keep one of each on each Paladin, though.

Folks around town have been warning me not to go past the buoys...

So that's obviously where we have to go!

The currents force us down a waterfall, crashing our little raft.

We were rescued by the village's missing friar.

Next time: A strange creature? Maybe he's in these ruins: