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Part 25: Battle #19: Kane

Battle #19: Kane

As we emerging from our headquarters, Kane is ready for us.

It looks like he forgot what his name was. Hooray for translators!

4 Golems, 3 Gargoyles, 3 Master Mages, 2 High Priests, 2 Durahans, and Kane himself.

Guntz gets the first kill, taking out a Gargoyle.

Domingo makes good use of Freeze 3, as usual.

Zylo kills only uninjured Golem.

Gort takes advantage of the opening, killing a Master Mage.

Arthur finishes off the High Priest before it can heal anyone.

Lyle makes himself useful, finishing off the last of the gargoyles.

Bleu starts killing the golems. I let him have two of them.

Lyle finishes off the final golem.

Domingo severely weakens three of the remaining enemy units.

Gort finishes the Master Mage.

While Zylo gets rid of the final Durahan.

Kokichi attempts to pick off the High Priest, but only injures it.

Kane is one of only a few enemies that can actually hit Domingo for more than 1 damage.

The High Priest healed itself instead of Kane, so Lyle takes a shot at him.

And Bleu finishes him off.

Before I finish the battle, I need to search around a bit.

Useless item #4!

After battering him for a while, Gillian pulls off the finishing blow...

Finally, we see beneath the mask...

David Bowie?!  Click the image to see the unedited version. 

Haven't we known that pretty much the entire time?

Inside the shrine, we find a set of doors that we couldn't open before.

But with Kane's help...

Apparently all we accomplished was letting Darksol in, great.

David Bowie, noooooooooo!