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Part 26: Battle #20

Since there's nothing left to do in Dragonia, we head back to Rudo.

As Karin is the children's leader, we go to her to see what's up.

Might as well.

Sounds pretty awesome.

Uh, Darksol kinda stole it.

Alright, going back to Karin.

Well, that was sort of the idea. We only ended up here because the game hates boats.

As we set foot outside of town...

Right on schedule.

Well, that's a demon castle alright.

New to this battle are:



Just as the last time we fought outside of Rudo, our biggest enemy is the terrain.

Oh, and the 4 Golems, 4 Master Mages, 3 Belails, 3 Gargoyles, 2 High Priests, and 2 Bowriders.

Tao gets the first kill, finishing off a gargoyle.

Zylo destroys the first of the bowriders.

Guntz finishes off a golem.

Zylo kills another of the gargoyles.

Since Bleu isn't slowed down by hills, he goes ahead of the group to kill the first Belail.

Kokichi takes one out, as well.

Guntz rolls on ahead of everyone and kills one of the mages.

Gort kills a golem, opening the way forward for the group.

Bleu and Kokichi took out the last two Master Mages.

We're finally getting close to the end of this battle. Gillian takes out the final golem.

And as Kokichi crushes the last bowrider, we finish our 20th battle. We're 2/3rds done with the game!

Next time: Inside the Demon Castle