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Part 27: Battle #21

GuavaMoment posted:

Don't cheap out and gather the items first, egress and come back. Do it the hard way.

Hey, I charged right into the Laser Eye's blast. I'm not about to cheap out on this battle.

Battle #21

You know, if you didn't set up an ambush and tell us where you were, we wouldn't even know you had it.

Apparently, he's right. ??/?? MP again, and Bolt 2 can hit up to 12 targets. If you cluster up around her, you'll get zapped. Of course, Bolt 2 doesn't hit much harder than Freeze 3, so it's much easier to survive it now that we're much stronger.

4 Master Mages, 3 Gargoyles, 3 Bowriders, 3 Belails, 2 Durahans, 1 High Priest, and Mishaela herself.

The first kill goes to Lyle, who takes out a gargoyle.

A note about Muddle: Even when it "works," it doesn't work. The spell is bugged. It's supposed to be a confusion effect, but it does absolutely nothing in Shining Force I (Though they may have fixed it for the remake).

Bleu zaps the second gargoyle.

And Kokichi gets the third.

As you'll note, the first thing Mishaela does is retreat towards the back of the castle, so you can't rush her in order to end the battle as easily as you'd think.

Domingo gives the bowriders the 'ol cold shoulder with Freeze 3.

Arthur finishes off the first of the bowriders.

Guntz takes down #2.

Bleu eliminates the third.

No sense in waiting until the end of battle to get all the chests.

Tao and Anri do the usual, killing 3 Master Mages and the High Priest.

Lyle gets rid of the last Master Mage.

Zylo, Arthur, Anri, and Gillian got hit by a Belail's Bolt 1, so Khris gets some use out of her Aura.

Of course, that means there's now one less Belail.

Kokichi takes out the last one. Now it's just the Durahans and Mishaela.

Zylo and Arthur go ahead in order to deal with the Durahans. I'm being careful not to send people up too closely together.

Lyle makes the first strike against Mishaela.

Which gets both him and Gillian zapped. Luckily, Bolt II is easy enough for Gillian to shrug off.

Bleu and Zylo finish off the Durahans. Now is the time for a decisive strike.

Lyle, Kokichi, Arthur, and Bleu batter her, enabling Gillian to strike the finishing blow.

Victory is ours!

In the remaining chests, we find a Healing Seed, a White Ring, a Black Ring, an Evil Ring, a Shower of Cure, and of course...