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Part 31: Battle #25: On to Runefaust!

Battle #25: On to Runefaust!

Three new enemy types:



Armed Skeletons

5 Armed Skeletons, 4 Cerberuses (Cerberii?), 3 Horsemen, 3 Minotaurs, 2 Demon Masters, and a High Priest.

I think (and also hope) that this is the final "countryside" battle in the game. Quite frankly, shitty movement through forests and hills is getting a little old.

The first kill goes to Guntz, who eliminates a Demon Master.

Domingo kills the other one.

Guntz easily defeats one of the minotaurs.

Hey, something hit Domingo for more than 1 damage with a physical attack!

While Gillian can't cast Bolt 2 using the Sword of Light anymore...

The Evil Ring can cast Bolt 3.

Domingo takes out the final Minotaur.

Horsemen are easy prey for Zylo.

Armed Skeletons are pretty awesome. How do you improve upon the walking dead? You give them four arms, two axes, cybernetic implants and a fucking minigun!

Arthur brings down a Cerberus.

As does Gillian.

Damn, I love this ring.

Gillian scores a double kill.

Musashi eliminates the final Horseman.

While Bleu gets rid of the wounded skeleton.

I sent Domingo and Guntz after the skeletons on the far east of the map while everyone else went after the southmost one.

Finally, Gillian gets rid of the Armed Skeleton guarding the gate in order to end the battle.