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Part 33: Battle #28: Shadow of the Colossuses

Battle #28: Shadow of the Colossuses

As soon as we set foot inside the Castle of the Ancients, we're set upon by the ancient guardians, the Colossuses.

Each of them has a different level 3 attack magic. One knows freeze, one blaze, and one bolt.

We've got to defeat 6 Chimaeras, 3 Blue Dragons, 3 Armed Skeletons, 3 Jets, 2 Horsemen, and the 3 Colossuses.

Unfortunately, to get at the enemies, we need to squeeze through a bottleneck, slowing us down considerably.

Tao takes out the first enemy, roasting a Horseman with Blaze 4.

Gillian charges ahead to deal with an Armed Skeleton.

Zylo follows closely behind, eliminating the second Horseman.

As you can see, flying enemies are closing in on the party members stuck in the bottleneck.

Domingo drops one of the Chimaeras with a Freeze 4.

While Kokichi and Hanzou handle the other one approaching from that side.

Musashi and Guntz take out a charging dragon.

And Anri takes care of the third Chimaera.

Sadly, the Evil Ring is damaged, so I can't chance using it. However, the Chaos Breaker is still able to unleash a Freeze 3.

Ugh, Gillian paid for that one. He got hit by 2 of the Chimaeras and the Blue Dragon. If they all had used their breath attacks, he'd be dead. Luckily, one of them used a physical attack, allowing him to use his defense rating to survive.

Luckily, Zylo has a few healing seeds.

Guntz clears the first of the Chimaeras off of Gillian.

While Arthur tosses another healing seed to Gillian.

And now Torasu gets to move, healing Gillian further.

Gillian's vengeance is swift and brutal.

Tao moves in to soften up the Armed Skeletons.

While Domingo shoots down a Jet.

I really don't like Chimaeras.

Musashi maneuvers around the enemy's flank, killing the second Jet.

Arthur picks off one of the Armed Skeletons.

While Guntz finishes off the last one.

It was a close fight, but Bleu was able to handle the last Blue Dragon on his own.

And Domingo disposes of the final Chimaera.

Well, since there are 3 Collosuses and they're slightly spread out, I tried to split my force into two and approach them from two sides.

This plan failed when the two Collosuses I was trying to split apart both went after Hanzou before the other group moved into position.

Oh, well. More killing for Gillian.

Haha, Gillian is a goddamn critical machine.

Whoops, the 3rd Colossus just went after Hanzou as well. Luckily, he was the only person hit.

Hanzou, Kokichi, and Guntz were unable to bring down the 2nd Colossus before Gillian's next move, so he takes care of it.

Looks like Domingo is the only member from Team B that's going to arrive soon enough to do anything.

And Guntz takes care of the final Colossus, ending the battle.

A sudden earthquake causes the statue blocking the stairway to crumble.

Next update: Darksol Awaits