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Part 34: Battle #29: The Point of No Return

Battle #29: The Point of No Return

As soon as we reach the top of the stairway, we gain sight of our foe, Darksol himself.

But it feels so right!

For the first time, we're faced with a boss that has ??/?? for MP and HP. We'll have no idea how close he is to defeat until we get him below 100 HP.

In addition to Darksol, we've got to worry about 8 Torch Eyes, 5 Steel Claws, 2 Blue Dragons, and 2 High Priests.

While you can go straight for Darksol, you'd have to cram through one hell of a bottleneck. Anyone caught in the middle of it will be at the mercy of four Torch Eyes, and anyone that gets through it will have to hold off at least 3-5 enemies (and possibly Darksol himself) while waiting for the rest of the group. Not fun.

No, we'll be going with a "divide and conquer" strategy instead.

Gillian, Tao, Kokichi, Zylo, Hanzo, and Torasu will be heading left, everyone else is going right.

Scratch one Steel Claw for Tao.

And one for Guntz.

As we push further ahead, Zylo takes out the third.

Guntz steamrolls the High Priest in his way.

Kokichi goes over a wall to do the same on the other side.

Arthur gets rid of a Torch Eye.

Right up until this, we avoided taking any damage whatsoever. Oh well.

Zylo destroys the Torch Eye that hit Kokichi.

While Bleu terminates a Steel Claw that struck Domingo twice.

Both groups are now in position to strike at the torch eyes in the center then converge on Darksol's position.

Gillian and Zylo take care of the Torch eyes on the left.

Domingo and Musashi take care of the ones on the right.

Bleu finishes off the first Blue Dragon.

While Kokichi gets rid of the second one.

Domingo marks the beginning of the end by blasting Darksol & 3 robots with a Freeze 3.

Allowing Anri to do the same, clearing away Darksol's bodyguards.

Zylo is the first to move in and engage Darksol in melee.

Darksol is now below 100 HP, and it's Gillian's turn.

Aww, no hilarious overkill this time.

It's Domingo that strikes the final blow, using the last of his MP to do so.

A job well done, I say.

Hey, I beat you! Stop that!


Next time: The Ultimate Evil Unleashed!

 As for why I called this update "the point of no return..." It's because while you recover HP and MP before the next one, dead members stay dead. If you Egress or die during the final battle, you'll have to fight Darksol again.